Fans claim hand signal shows Paul's brutal win over Woodley was FIXED

Fight fans claim Jake Paul’s brutal win over Tyron Woodley was FIXED after spotting the YouTuber appearing to make a hand signal just seconds before he delivered the knockout blow in round six of their rematch

  • Jake Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley in the rematch between the pair in Tampa
  • The YouTuber floored the former UFC star in round six with a strong right hand
  • Video footage appears to show Paul twisting his right hand before the knockout
  • Fans on social media have accused Saturday night’s fight of being a fix
  • Paul’s previous fight with Woodley was also accused of being fixed by fans 
  • WARNING: A video in this article contains very strong language 

Boxing fans have claimed Jake Paul’s victory over Tyron Woodley on Saturday was rigged to let the YouTuber win after spotting an alleged signal from the former to hit the deck.

Paul claimed victory in Tampa on Saturday night via a brutal right hand in round six that left former UFC star Woodley, who lost to the streaming star via split decision back in August, floored after the blow.

But video footage from the rematch shows Paul appearing to twist his right glove in what looks like a signal to his opponent, just seconds before Woodley hit the deck.

And fans have hit out at the fight over the accusation that it was pre-arranged to let Paul win.

One fan took a video of the alleged signal before captioning it: ‘Rigged? The twist of the hand to let him know it’s time to flop?’ 

Warning: the below video contains very strong language 

Boxing fans have claimed Jake Paul’s (left) victory over Tyron Woodley (right) was rigged

The former UFC star (right) was floored by a devastating right hand by Paul (left) in round six

Another tweeted: ‘Maybe it’s not that the punch was fake tho, it’s that he was ready to take a dive and Paul went for it enough to actually drop him convincingly’ 

One boxing fan added: ‘That Jake Paul KO was 100% rigged. No fighter would ever eat that right hand without at least moving their head to try and slip it. 

‘Watch the two twists of Jake Pauls wrist before he throws it, looks like a signal to me. Woodley was defo paid to eat that.’

Meanwhile, one fan posted: ‘Jake Paul twisted his right hand before throwing the punch & Tyrone dropped his guard when the punch came in.. if that’s not rigged a don’t know what is #PaulWoodley2’

Video footage appeared to show Paul gesturing his right hand in an alleged signal just seconds before the knockout

Some fans, however, claimed the knockout blow was genuine and defended the undefeated Paul for producing another stellar display in the ring.

One fan said: ‘If anyone thinks this was rigged either is stupid as f*** or never watched boxing a day in their lives. Y’all discredit no matter what. Shut the *** up or step in the ring yourself and do better good win tonight’

Another claimed: ‘I despise Jake Paul but that was actually a good clean shot. It was coming, I called it 10 seconds before you could see the right hand loading up. Not rigged, no pay out, Tyron messed up big time and was slept for it.’

Meanwhile, one fan said: ‘Wasn’t rigged fella, stop being salty jake threw right hooks to the body all night and woodly dropped his hand to save his ribs.’

This is not the first time a fight involving Paul has been accused of being rigged after furious boxing fans accused Woodley of not wanting to win their first fight in August. 

 Paul won the summer Cleveland contest via a split decision after both fighters went the distance, with the deciding judge award the 24-year-old with a 78-74 victory after the other two adjudicators offered 77-75 wins to each fighter.

Supporters questioned why former UFC welterweight champion Woodley failed to take advantage of a startled Paul when the 39-year-old landed a right hander on the top of the streaming star’s head in round four to send him flying into the ropes.  

One fan said at the time: ‘Have to question if it’s fixed or not. Woodley holding back and not the slightest bit gased. Paul is gasping for air.’

Woodley (left) was accused of not wanting to win his original fight with Paul (right) in August 

Another tweeted: ‘Got the feeling Woodley was told not to knock him out… this game is fixed. Fingers crossed for the Fury fight as that’s a different ball game completely. #WoodleyPaul.’

Meanwhile, one fan posted: ‘This is such a frustrating fight. Woodley walking him down then just standing in front of him not throwing a punch. This has gotta be fixed.’

Woodley was brought in as a late replacement for Saturday night’s fight for Tommy Fury, who pulled out with a chest infection and a broken rib last week.

The former UFC star agreed to a rematch, with Paul claiming that Woodley was in training when the YouTuber asked him to replace Fury.

Woodley (right) was brought in as a late replacement for Tommy Fury who reported injuries

Paul also added in a clause of $500,000 if Woodley was able to knock the YouTuber out in Tampa, while the 24-year-old also gifted his opponent a £9,000 Rolex watch just days before the contest.  

The YouTuber is now looking to face UFC stars Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz in a future crossover fight as he continues his rise up the boxing worl. 

Speaking in the immediate aftermath, Paul said: ‘This is as real as it gets, just like my right hand. I told you, I was going to f*** him up. And I f**** him up.

YouTuber Paul’s (right) victory in Tampa continued his unbeaten record in the boxing world

‘This guy is a legend and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks’ notice. Tommy Fury is a b**** for pulling out of the fight.

‘It was a tough fight. I had blood in my eyes. I had the job done. I was setting the punch up the whole fight. He didn’t see it coming. Like a lumberjack, timber.

‘It’s got to be the moment of my life. Look at my year. Four fights, four knockouts. Masvidal and Nate Diaz – you are b***** for leaving this arena. I will f*** you up too. Anyone, anytime, any place.’

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