Fantasy football trade index and rest-of-season rankings: Is now the time to trade for Jonathan Taylor?

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It can be so funny watching fantasy football managers offer up trades after the first week of a long NFL season, so sure that value has really changed, only to see things turn completely around after the second week. New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is an extreme example, but some even doubt top selections in our drafts, such as Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry. Then things change again and all is well.

As we prepare for the third week of the fantasy football season, updating our rest-of-season rankings along with a positional trade index, be aware that while this is a week-to-week sport, sometimes we just have to trust the top players, and continue to be wary of the unreliable ones. Of course, this hardly means we should not trade. Make those deals! Make myriad deals! Just try to be careful out there.

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