Former flight attendant reveals how to get free drinks from cabin crew on planes

A FORMER flight attendant has revealed how to get free drinks on a plane.

All you have to do is be a nice person.

Shawn Kathleen, a retired flight attendant who spent seven years on the job, revealed the one thing passengers could do that would make her give them a free drink.

She told Sfgate: "One thing I like to tell people, it's so rudimentary, is just saying 'hello, are you having a good day?'

"If you're acknowledging our existence, I swear to God you'll be like George Clooney. That's the state of affairs up there.

"I'd be standing at the front, forward door welcoming people onboard, and I started tallying on a Post-it Note tick marks for the number of people who would walk on, turn, and keep walking.

"They wouldn't even acknowledge the cabin crew.

"Your best bet would be that you're friendly and respectful to the cabin crew, because that gets you pretty far."

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She also suggests giving flight attendants gifts to butter them up – and they don't need to be expensive.

She continued: "Bring them chocolate. Bring them candy. It's a few bucks just to say thanks.

"A lot of people send me images where they'll have them sitting out on their tray table and I always think that's awesome.

"I guarantee you'll get free drinks with that. One hundred per cent."

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