Fridge For Scale: The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is Up For Sale

Now, Xbox is no longer a wish of gamers; anyone who wants to own a small fridge for drinks might want it. So a viral internet meme became a reality – Xbox Mini Fridge costs $99, and it can be pre-ordered exclusively from Target. Yet, one will be able to get the appliance from retailers from December this year. In addition, as CNN writes, Xbox is to expand the product’s availability in other regions rather than the USA or Europe. And, it turned out that the first wave was sold out in about two minutes.

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The pre-order first wave took place in the USA with Target, the UK with GAME, and some European countries, like Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, and the Netherlands with GameStop EU, Tyonk, Micromania.

This miniature fridge looks precisely like the Xbox Series X console. It has a USB-A port for charging devices, a front-facing LED light, and even a power adapter. In general, this fridge can store up to twelve beverage cans, and it has several shelves for snacks and extras.

It’s all started with online memes, which eventually became a reality. To be more precise, when Xbox won the March Madness-style Twitter contest, beating out Spotify and Skittles, it promised to produce a mini-fridge. Also, the company announced an official release at E3 2021 during the Microsoft & Bethesda Games Showcase.

For the most curious, the fridge is 18 inches tall, and it can be an excellent fit for a room or even an office.

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