Full Moon horoscope: Whats in store for YOUR sign on Thursdays Supermoon?

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On Thursday, June 24 at 7.40pm the Capricorn Full Moon will shine down on us all. While the Moon impacts every star sign in a similar way, it has a unique impact on the signs depending on what sign it’s in. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out the horoscopes for this month’s Full Moon.


How do you want the world to perceive you, Aries? You’ll be figuring that out and making adjustments this Moon cycle.

Francesca asked: “That problem at work, the pay rise you were after, or the issues with other ladies in the office – is any of it worth it? Let it go or move on!

“Show them how valuable you are because there’s no one who gets the job done like Aries!”


Holidays are your thing Taurus, but it’s a bit tricky at present.

Francesca said: “If you want to expand your horizons then maybe you’ll need to consider changing your plans and compromising on where you go and how you get there.

“The important thing is that you manage some time in nature or a change of scenery.”


Francesca said: “Money honey, where is it? Taurus, you better invest your time and love in something that matters and watch the rest take care of itself.

“Saturn is supporting you to FOCUS on what you want to say.

“Avoid being scattered and nourish yourself to become a true magnet for abundance. Like attracts like.”


This is your relationship moon, Cancer!

Francesca said: “Venus is in your sign but she’s opposed to – Pluto – and there are most certainly skeletons in someone’s closet.

“Even if it’s just some feelings you’ve kept in for too long, have a think and note your dreams because they will give you a clue on what the key to change is.

“Tarot could help now too so get a reading or get the cards out.”


Mars in your sign is giving you more energy, Leo.

Francesca advised: “Put your energy into your health regime.

“Let go of some of your more controlling behaviours and see what inspiration lands with regarding ideas to pursue going forwards.

“It’s your season next – so nourish yourself and ensure that you can set July on fire in ALL your colours.

“Your ability to stand up for what matters will be needed in July.”


The eclipses and Mercury Retrograde may have thrown you slightly off course, Virgo.

Francesca said: “With Jupiter dragging his heels in your seventh house, life could be feeling a little heavy.

“It’s important that you remember to play and throw yourself into the things that bring you joy.”

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Your ruler Venus has taken a beating this week, Libra, but she should at least have a clearer idea of what really matters.

Francesca said: “Where do you live? Do you love it? Is it your home? What clutter can you clear and do you have any photos on display?

“Take time to create an atmosphere that reflects where you are now, not where you were yesterday.”


What are you working for, Scorpio?

Francesca said: “Frustration is likely as you have to work twice as hard to get to where you want to be.

“Replace overthinking with positive thinking and watch it all fall into place. Your intentions are powerful and your words cast spells.

“What did you have planned for 2020? Look back to see how far you’ve come and ride the gratitude wave!”


The big question for Sagittarius is: what do you value?

Francesca said: “With your ruler recently retrograde the dreams you have about living abroad and changing destinations are suddenly confusing.

“Work backwards – what matters to you, what do you need, and how can you get more of that?”


This is your Full Moon, Capricorn.

Francesca said: “This Full Moon is a reset to who you are and what you want.

“It requires more than a little honesty and, after some introspection, the ability to dream up a better future.

“The question is, what has run its course and what do you genuinely want to celebrate?

“If you’re a December Capricorn this Full Moon will have more impact than for those of you born in January.”


Big dreams are on the cards over the next few days for Aquarius.

Francesca noted: “Your subconscious is lit up by this Full Moon, Aquarius.

“Your intuition or your sense of “knowing” may be at an all-time high.

“If you have a feeling about something then trust your idea and run with it. Magic could be around the corner.”


With Neptune and Jupiter making waves in your sign, Pisces, your energy could be all over the place!

Francesca: “Your energy could be all the way up or all the way down! That depends on how you’ve been surfing the waves.

“Friendships and connections are in the spotlight now – how influenced are you by the people you spend your time with? It could be time to trust yourself a little more.”

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