Fun and feel-good movies and TV shows to stream while social distancing

Needless to say, this isn’t how anyone expected 2020 to go. With the cancellations of concerts, sporting events, movie releases and more as the country copes with the COVID-19 health crisis, millions of people are finding themselves social distancing at home, wondering what to do to make the circumstances more bearable. What better way to spend your time than with a hearty selection of titles to stream? Thankfully, has you covered: We’ve compiled a list of fun, feel-good movies and TV shows you can watch if you want to take your mind off current events. Let’s kick things off with this animated family film… In hopes of giving people “some fun and joy during this challenging period,” Disney explained, it released “Frozen II” on its Disney+ streaming service on March 15, 2020 — a full three months early. It might be the highest grossing animated movie of all time, but it’s also a film with heart thanks to its beautiful themes about the importance of family and perseverance. Keep reading to see which other titles you should add to your watchlist…

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