Fury vs Wilder 3 build-up LIVE: Ring-walk time CONFIRMED, Gypsy King vows to PUNISH Wilder – latest updates

FIGHT week is finally here as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder get ready to clash in a colossal Las Vegas trilogy bout.

Fury knocked Wilder out in seven rounds last year to claim the WBC heavyweight title but the Bronze Bomber is hellbent on revenge.

Both fighters are set to appear at today's press conference in Vegas before weighing in on Friday ahead of fight night.

All the ring action will happen on Saturday night in the UK with the fight beginning in the early hours of Sunday morning.

You can catch all of the coverage live on BT Sport Box Office.


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  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury has taken a swipe at Deontay Wilder's explanation for his loss to the Brit in their previous Trilogy clash.

    The Bronze bomber partly blamed the weight of his battery-operated ringwalk attire for his defeat.

    Ahead of their clash on Saturday, Fury Boxing Scene: “Maybe we should have him weigh his costume before he walks to the ring in it so there can’t be any excuses this time.”

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury and Deontay are set to bank an eyewatering £18million EACH in the final fight of their trilogy on Saturday.

    Both heavyweights will be battling the WBC Championship belt which Fury currently holds.

    And Wilder will be looking for revenge after losing courtesy of a seventh-round stoppage the last time the two boxers fought.

    How Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder stack up ahead of the trilogy fight
  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury says he intends to pull hotel pranks on Deontay Wilder ahead of their trilogy bout in Las Vegas.

    TheWBC heavyweight champ is defending his title against Wilder for the first time this Saturday.

    Fury told BT Sport: "I'm going to be terrorising him all night.

    "I'll be phoning his phone up, knocking on his door and running away cause that's how we roll!"

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury has hit back at cheating claims and has vowed to punch Deontay Wilder's face in during their fight at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.

    Fury told The MMA Hour: “We’ve boxed 19 rounds and he’s practically won two rounds out of 19.

    "With Wilder, in my opinion, he’s come out with all this stuff saying I’ve cheated.

    "Whether he believes it or not is another thing, but he has to try and sell the fight somehow.

    "He has to try and make a reason why he could win.

    "So he clearly couldn’t do the reasons why in a boxing fight so he has to make other reasons for his own self, for the people around him who are saying he can do this, he can do that."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    David Price and Dillian Whyte fear that Deontay Wilder's ego could cost him in his fight against Tyson Fury.

    Wilder, 35, was on the wrong end of a technical knockout the last time the fierce rivals went toe-to-toe

    Former heavyweight Price told BBC Radio Five Live: "Instead of admitting to his mistakes and shortcomings and trying to improve on what went wrong, he's not wrong. It's a bit narcissistic to think like that."

    Whyte added:"Wilder, we don't know if he's recovered at all because he went on this crazy run of blaming stuff. He was acting crazy.

    "We don't know where they're at fully. The smart money would pick Fury to win again, but something inside of me is saying Wilder might spring a surprise on us."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury is set to have his ringside stool showing an image of Deontay Wilder getting clobbered with a right hook.

    It is thought the Gypsy King, whose WBC champ belt is up for grabs, will have the stool as his seat in the ring in between rounds.

    The outspoken heavyweight is set to face Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder admitted to being grateful his Trilogy fight with Tyson Fury was delayed.

    The fight was rescheduled for this Saturday after the Gypsy King tested positive for Covid-19 back in July.

    Wilder told Boxing Scene: "The delay was a blessing, a blessing for me.

    "The more they delayed it, the more time we had to work on our craft and art and to go over even more, strategically, go over the game plan that we’re gonna have come October the 9th.

    "As a fighter, you’re ready to go. You know, you’re ready to get back out there.

    "And this is the longest I’ve been out of the ring, especially when I’m anxious to get in the ring."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder has dropped a shock retirement hint by insinuating he could quit after his Tyson Fury Trilogy fight.

    The Bronze Bomber is hoping to nab the WBC heavyweight title from the Gypsy King when their pair clash on Saturday night.

    Wilder told Last Stand Podcast:"I can feel it getting close, retirement.

    "I'm seeking one champion, one face, one name.

    "The only way I will be able to retire is if I achieve (that).

    “The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Images of Deontay Wilder's ringwalk costume are reportedly starting to emerge ahead of the Bronze Bomber's clash with Tyson Fury.

    Designers Cosmo and Donato are thought to have made the star a 'significantly lighter' costume after he blamed battery-powered garments for his loss to Fury in February 2020.

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder claims he is feeling'rejuvenated' ahead of his duel with Tyson Fury.

    The pair are set to go head-to-head in Las Vegas's T-Mobile Arena on Saturday with Fury's WBC heavyweight belt up for grabs.

    Wilder told reporters: "I feel great, I feel amazing.

    "I'm rejuvenated, reinvented and I'm ready to go.

    "Saturday night is going to be a special night. I think the fans are in for a treat, as they always are when the 'Bronze Bomber' steps in the ring."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury has threatened to knock Deontay Wilder 'spark out' in their highly-anticipated duel in Las Vegas on Saturday.

    The WBC Champion told reporters: "When I was first going to fight (Wilder) I thought he was a decent man, like a family man and doing it for his kids.

    "But now I know he's a real piece of garbage and a piece of rubbish and I'm going to knock him spark out on Saturday night."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Tyson Fury reckons Anthony Joshua should hang up his gloves if he loses his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

    The Ukrainian heavyweight brought Joshua's second reign as a unified champ to a dramatic end at Tottenham Stadium in September.

    Fury said: "I think if he doesn’t beat Usyk in his rematch I think he’s finished, retire, done.

    "He needs to win that fight, no matter how he does it."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder's ring walk costume for his megabucks clash with Tyson Fury is rumoured to be 'significantly lighter' than his previous outfit in their last fight.

    TMZ made the claims with designers Cosmo and Donato set to give the Bronze Bomber a spectacular new look.

    Wilder blamed the striking outfit he wore prior to his Feb 2020 bout with Fury for his loss to the Gypsy King.

    The US boxer claimed his battery-powered garment affected his legs.

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Deontay Wilder once claimed he sent his trainers to hospital with the ferocity of his punch power.

    The Bronze Bomber, 35, made the bold statement back in 2019.

    The US heavyweight ace said: "Every last one of them, I've sent them to the hospital. This is no joking around. This is no faking.

    Meanwhile, David Haye described Wilder as the 'hardest puncher' he had ever trained with.

    Haye once said: "He’s got a very, very, very, hard right hand and it’s an equaliser… His punch power is 10 out of 10, that’s it."

  • Sandra Brobbey


    David Haye warns Tyson Fury could be at risk of being dropped by Deontay Wilder if he lets his own hype go to his head. 

    Fury is thought to be the outright favourite in the duos' upcoming clash in Las Vegas on Saturday.

    The Gypsy King secured a seventh-round stoppage against Wilder in their last big fight.

    Haye said: "(Deontay) Wilder has the ability to knock him out.

    "People are so writing him off and you cannot do that against Wilder. I think there’s a strong possibility he wins the fight. It’s a 50-50 fight."


  • Joshua Jones


    Tyson Fury reckons he’ll be sad and lonely when he ends his boxing career.

    The 33-year-old will take on Deontay Wilder for the third time on the weekend, and doesn’t know what he'll replace boxing with when he hangs up his gloves.

    Because he doesn’t fight for the money or fame, the Gypsy King claims he’s only in the sport as he’s been chosen.

    Fury also doesn’t feel 100 per cent going into his trilogy fight with Wilder, but despite not being at his best, he reckons he’ll still get the job done come fight night.

    Meanwhile, Wilder has claimed he feels his retirement is getting closer too.

    The Bronze Bomber only has one anonymous person left on his list to fight, then he’s ready to turn his back on the sport.

    Speaking to Last Stand Podcast, Wilder said: “I can feel it getting close, retirement. I’m seeking one champion, one face, one name.

    “The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here.”

    However, Wilder still has to get past Fury who reckons he knows exactly how to stop the American on Saturday.

    Finally, Fury claimed he plans to drag Wilder into a dog fight first, and then give him a hiding.

    And once he does that, Wilder won’t ever want to fight him again, Fury thinks.

    He said to Fox Sport Australia: “I’m going to take the fight to him and drag him into a dog fight and drown him into deep water.

    “That’s exactly what I’m going to do with him.

    "I’m expecting an inside-the-distance fight for sure, and definitely going to give him a good hiding and beat him up real bad.

    "He will not want to fight me again after this, I’ll put it that way. There will be no fourth fight.”

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury has shared how he plans to stop Deontay Wilder when they meet in the ring on Saturday.

    The pair face each other for the third time in Las Vegas, and Fury's sure Wilder won't want to fight him again once he's done with him.

    To make sure of it, Fury revealed he'll drag the Bronze Bomber into a dogfight before giving him a hiding.

    He told Fox Sport Australia: "I’m going to take the fight to him and drag him into a dog fight and drown him into deep water.

    "That’s exactly what I’m going to do with him,

    "I’m expecting an inside-the-distance fight for sure, and definitely going to give him a good hiding and beat him up real bad. He will not want to fight me again after this; I’ll put it that way. There will be no fourth fight."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Deontay Wilder has revealed that he is on the verge of retiring from boxing ahead of his trilogy fight against Tyson Fury this weekend.

    The Bronze Bomber is seeking to avenge his loss to Fury in Las Vegas when they meet for the third and final time.

    But it could be one of the last times fans get to see Wilder in action as he claims he plans to walk away from the sport really soon.

    There's only one person Wilder wants to face in the ring before he calls it a day, although he didn't say who the mystery opponent is.

    Speaking to Last Stand Podcast, Wilder said: "I can feel it getting close, retirement…I'm seeking one champion, one face, one name.

    "The faster I can get that, the faster I can retire and get the hell out of here."

  • Justin Lawrence

    'NOT 100%'

    Tyson Fury has claimed that he will not be in 100 percent condition for the trilogy clash against Deontay Wilder.

    Fury will go head to head with his foe for the third time in Las Vegas this weekend.

    However, the Gypsy King doesn't feel his best going into the fight.

    But despite his doubts, Fury is relaxed and confident he can defeat his nemesis Wilder.

    He told Boxing Special: "I feel good, relaxed and confident as I always have been, I am never beaten up about a fight it is just a boxing match.

    "It has just been a normal training camp, there has been good days and bad days, no-one is ever 100% going into a fight, let’s put it that way, but I am going to bring action and ferocity on fight night and I will be ready."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury says he will be a 'sad and lonely' person when he ends his boxing career.

    The unbeaten 33-year-old will defend his WBC heavyweight title against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas at the weekend.

    Talking to BBC Radio 5 Live's Boxing podcast, Fury says he would have no regrets if he never fought again and said he is not motivated by the vast purses he can command.

    The Gypsy King said: "I'm not fighting to be the greatest of all time, I'm not fighting to be a legend.

    "It wouldn't benefit me earning another £50m or £200m, you don't need to be rich to live my life.

    "I'm just a normal person who is very good at boxing and a very special, chosen person."

  • Justin Lawrence


    Tyson Fury has one of the meanest sounding names in world boxing today, and he's also one of the best fighters in the sport.

    But Fury's rivals Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte have called Fury 'Luke', with boxing fans now cottoning on to the mutual jibe.

    The heavyweight pair think Fury's actual first name is Luke.

    However, Luke is actually Fury's middle name, as listed on Companies House, Boxrec and Wikipedia.

    But Whyte is having none of it and recently told SunSport that Fury only calls himself Tyson to sound harder.


  • Jake Lambourne


    Tyson Fury has urged brother Tommy to 'get some balls and sign the f***ing contract' to fight Jake Paul.

    The former Love Island star, 22, has already admitted rejecting two fight offers from the YouTuber.

    Tommy told Paul: "Get your figures up and then we can talk."

    But big brother Tyson, 33, has told him and Paul to 'get some balls' and finally go toe-to-toe in the ring.

    When asked for his thoughts on the potential fight between the feuding youngsters, Fury told Behind The Gloves: "Hopefully it happens.

    "I hope they can both get some balls and sign the f***ing contract.

    "Make this fight happen and give the world the fight they want to see. I want to see it. Everybody wants to see this fight."

  • Jake Lambourne

    X BOX

    Tyson Fury has likened himself to X-Men's Professor X, insisting rival Deontay Wilder's mind games won't work ahead of Saturday's trilogy fight in Las Vegas.

    The Brit meets Wilder for the third and possibly final time at the T-Mobile Arena.

    Fury says he's not bothered if his rival talks and says the mind games don't work on him – likening himself to Marvel superhero Professor X, who could read and control the minds of others.

    He told Sky Sports: "I keep my own business to myself and I don't really care what that big dosser does, nothing.

    "I don't care what he does. If he talks or he doesn't. It doesn't make any difference to me.

    "Mind games don't work with me anyway. I'm like Professor X without the wheels."

  • Jake Lambourne


    "This time I’m going to do exactly the same but I’m going to put a bit more metal in there.

    "With Wilder, in my opinion, he’s come out with all this stuff, I’ve cheated, I’ve done this, I’m a natural born cheater, his coach – I must have some power mustn’t I because I’ve even got his coach on my side!

    "And not to mention [trainer] Jay Deas, he’s on my payroll too.

    "I’m like Tommy Shelby here, I’ve got them all on the payroll. He’s on the payroll too, Jay Deas, because he was in the changing room while I was getting my gloves on the whole time.

    "So he must have helped me and Wilder’s in denial about that. But let me just put that out there as well."

  • Jake Lambourne


    Tyson Fury has joked he will 'cheat again' with 'horseshoes in his gloves' in his trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder.

    The American accused the new WBC champ of having 'loaded gloves' days after he was battered into submission by the Gypsy King in their second bout.

    Speaking to MMA Hour after Wilder's latest accusations, the 33-year-old said: "Do you know what, I’m gonna cheat again because I’m gonna smash his face in.

    "So, according to him that’s cheating because he’s not supposed to lose. But unfortunately I’m going to cheat again."

    Then asked about whether he had 'weights in his gloves', Fury responded sarcastically: "Yeah I did. I had horseshoes in there, you know I’m a gypsy don’t you?

    "You ever watched Peaky Blinders? I loaded the gloves with horseshoes and dynamite."

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