Gemma Collins considering career change to become next Dora the Explorer

Gemma Collins wants to teach kids about dinosaurs and become the next “Dora the Explorer”.

But although she is keen on becoming an expert on archaeology she says she won’t go digging if it’s raining.

Gemma, 40, said: “I am gonna be Dora the Explorer – I mean, get me to the National History Museum ASAP."

Gemma's mishap was a reference to the Natural History Museum, which might be the slight suggestion that she's not quite ready for the career change just yet.

“I want to read up on all the artefacts and who knows, I could retire from television and entertainment, and I could rock up at schools.

“Maybe I could teach kids about dinosaurs?

“I would absolutely love go digging for bones and fossils right now – but it’s raining.”

The GC said on her podcast that she has had an interest in skeletons after finding the remains of dead camels on a trip to the Middle East.

She added: “I can remember being in Dubai and seeing these huge bones in the sand when I was doing a safari trip in the desert.

“And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are they?’ I was more interested in the bones than being on the safari trip.

“There I was focusing on he bones – maybe this is my new vocation in life.

“A dinosaur definitely needs to be named after me as well.”

We don't think the historians need to be too worried just yet…

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