Guaranteed: You’ll Be Drinking Everything From Starbucks’ New Studded Matte-Pink Tumbler From Here on Out

It looks like it’s officially time to retire your studded matte-black tumbler from Starbucks (just for the season), because a new spring-appropriate one is calling your name! The coffee retailer is rolling out a studded matte-pink tumbler, so you can sip your go-to iced order in style.

Although Starbucks hasn’t addressed the new tumbler yet, people have already found them at their local spots. Rumor has it that it’ll officially be launching on March 24, so don’t sweat it if it hasn’t arrived near you yet. All that matters is that you have it for the spring and summer months, because it fits perfectly into the seasons!

From what we can tell, the studded matte-pink tumbler holds 24 ounces, the same amount as a venti iced drink at Starbucks. So whether you’re ordering an iced coffee, a Frappuccino, or cold brew, you can sip away with a pretty cup in hand—which is very important, in case you didn’t know. It’s worth noting that some people said the cup appears more peach in certain lighting, but all the pictures we’ve come across make the tumbler look good, so whatever!

This isn’t the first time Starbucks has released a studded pink tumbler. An iridescent version was unveiled for the 2019 holiday season, and we certainly got our fill of pink cups for Valentine’s Day. However, there’s something about the matte look that is so sleek and chic, it’s a must for your tumbler collection.

This is just the beginning of Starbucks’ spring collection, so prepare for more warm-weather-inspired cups that will ease us into the new season—with coffee in hand, of course.

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