Gucci Partners With Roblox To Offer Exclusive Digital Content

Who would’ve thought that the worlds of high fashion and video games would collide? Well that’s exactly the case with Gucci’s newest partnership with the online sensation, Roblox. For the next two weeks, the fashion house will be holding a one of a kind, virtual garden exhibit on the favorite platform of pre-teens around the world.

The collaboration was brought about for the celebration of the prolific fashion house’s 100th year anniversary. Hosted in the Gucci Gardens in Florence, Archetypes – Gucci’s new multimedia fashion installation – showcases some of the house’s most iconic campaigns throughout its 10 decades of ruling the world of luxury fashion. Combining in-person and virtual opportunities to explore the exhibit’s various glamorously decorated rooms, Gucci offers an immersive chance to go down memory lane.

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“I don’t believe in fashion which speaks of the future, like Pierre Cardin or Paco Rabanne,” Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele tells Vogue Business, “For me, fashion narrates the exact moment which we’re going through; it obviously contains the seed of the future, because the present is the only possible future we know.”

In efforts to further spread brand awareness to young consumers, Gucci dedicates an entire space to Roblox on their platform. Upon entering the Roblox X Gucci server, players are plopped into the a virtual lobby chocked full of purchasable Gucci items for their avatars to adorn. When players are ready to explore, their avatars are transformed into blank mannequins that adapt various patterned skins based on each themed room they’ve entered.

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Roblox’s website states that, “visitors can immerse themselves into Michele’s creative vision and his multifarious inspirations, and share the captivating experience of the exhibition with their friends.”

Akin to the virtual exhibit’s IRL counterpart in Florence, each room is modeled after an iconic Gucci collection from years past. For instance, one room is themed after the house’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection, Tokyo-Tribe. In this room, players can explore the Tokyo light district inspired environment and get fun, zig-zag patterns to adorn their blank avatars. In a pool section of the virtual experience, players can party it up in Gucci’s homage to its 2020 Cruise collection. When it’s time for the player to exit the server, they’ll finally get to see each funky pattern that their avatar has picked up from each room. And, as each player is plopped randomly into each room, no avatar will look quite the same.

This isn’t Gucci’s first collaboration with Roblox, though. The company came out with the Gucci Virtual 25 back in March – a set of  $13 virtual sneakers that can be worn by players in the game.

The Roblox exhibit will be up and running from now until May 31st. So there’s no time to waste!

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