Hair loss treatment: A supplement which targets a hormone to help increase hair growth

Hair within the follicle typically goes through a growth cycle that lasts about two to six years. Even if a person shaves or cuts their hair, the same hair will grow back out of the follicle from the root of the hair contained within the follicle. At the end of this cycle, the hair enters what is known as the resting phase before finally falling out a few months later. Then, the follicle produces new hair, and the cycle begins again. However, if a person has too much of a certain hormone, this process is halted and balding ensues. There is a natural supplement which helps prevent this hormone taking effect on the hair follicle to help increase hair growth.

Pygeum is an herb which is extracted from the bark of the African cherry tree.

Pygeum is usually available as an herbal supplement taken orally.

The supplement is well known as a potentially beneficial treatment for an enlarged prostate and prostatitis due to its DHT-blocking ability.

For this reason, pygeum is thought to be a possible treatment for DHT-related hair loss.

What is DHT?

Sex hormones in the body are believed to be the most significant underlying factor behind male pattern hair loss.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen which is a sex hormone that contributes to the development of what are thought of as male sex characteristics including body hair.

There are treatments meant to slow the onset of male pattern baldness by specifically targeting DHT and pygeum is believed to be one of them.

How DHT affects the hair

Having high levels of DHT can shrink a person’s hair follicles as well as shorten its cycle, causing hair to grow out looking thinner and more brittle, as well as fall out faster, said Healthline.

The site continued: “DHT can also make it take longer for your follicles to grow new hairs once old hairs fall out.

“Some people are more susceptible to these effects of DHT on scalp hair based on variations in their androgen receptor (AR) gene.

“Androgen receptors are proteins that allow hormones like testosterone and DHT to bind to them.

“This binding activity typically results in normal hormonal processes like body hair growth.

“But variations in the AR gene can increase androgen receptivity in your scalp follicles, making you more likely to experience male pattern hair loss.”

The hormone interactions of hair loss and prostate health have many similarities.

It’s clear that there is a correlation between genetic pattern hair loss and conditions such as enlarged prostate in the scientific community.

Both of these conditions are caused by DHT.

A by-product of testosterone when it is converted into an enzyme known as Type II 5 alpha reductase.

For this reason, it is thought that the pygeum extract herb is a potent natural DHT blocker.

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