Happy Birthday, Biebs! Watch Justin Bieber Grow Up in Photos

Baby Biebs, Instagram

This little boy from Canada, seen blowing bubbles, probably would never have guessed that he would grow up to be one of the biggest stars in music history. 

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2009, Florida

The singer kept it casual in a patterned hoodie while signing autographs for fans.

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‘Where It All Began,’ Instagram

Before they got married, Justin and Hailey were just two kids growing up in the entertainment industry.

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2009, California

The Biebs added a gold chain and Yankees hat to his look.

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2009, N.Y.C.

Bieber performed on New Year’s Eve with Selena Gomez.

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2010, L.A.

We start to see the beginning of some major style risks (neon sneakers!), yet his hair remains as traditional as ever.

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2010, L.A.

Here we see Bieber opt for a more dramatic sweep.

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2010, L.A.

While performing at the Staples Center in L.A., Bieber rocked his tried-and-true look: hoodie under jacket.

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2010, Spain

The edge! The smoulder! The stance!

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2011, Atlanta

Bieber caught up with his old friend Usher, upgrading his favorite vest look with a loose tie.

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2011, N.Y.C.

Bieber looking sharp at the premiere of his 3-D film Never Say Never with his future wife and father-in-law, Stephen Baldwin.

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2011, L.A.

This is the year we started seeing Bieber try new things with his hair, including this sleek, old Hollywood look.

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2012, N.Y.C.

He grew up so fast.

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2012, L.A.

As seen here at the American Music Awards, the singer became increasingly comfortable with hair gel and started to embrace a bad-boy vibe.

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2013, South Africa

More tattoos = more edge.

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2014, L.A.

He got a lot of tattoos in one year. He also started experimenting with hats.

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2014, L.A.

Layering like a boss.

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2015, Paris

Blond hair, don’t care.

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2016, L.A.

After years of intense grooming, Bieber finally let his locks grow out a bit.

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2016, L.A.

Bieber looked suave and understated at the 58th Grammy Awards.

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2017, Venice Beach

The singer added glasses — and a basketball — to his ever-evolving look.

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2018, NBA All-Star Game

His big return to the annual celebrity event.

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2018, L.A.

He got in character to wish his fans a Happy Easter on Instagram. 

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2018, Coachella

All good vibes at the music festival as he selfied with yodeling Internet star Mason Ramsey. 

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2018, N.Y.C.

He stepped out smiling with Hailey Baldwin in the early days of their relationship. 

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2018, Instagram

He confirmed his engagement to Hailey Baldwin on Instagram in June, writing, “I promise to lead our family with honor.”

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2018, Instagram

Things heated up as he posted this hot tub photo with his then-fiancée. 

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2018, N.Y.C.

He was spotted showcasing his street style with LeBron James during New York Fashion Week. 

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2018, London 

He happily strummed his guitar on the city’s streets. 

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2018, Canada 

He celebrated his secret September marriage to Baldwin with family, friends and cake. 

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2019, South Carolina

The Biebs and his bride shared a kiss in the photo booth at their wedding reception.

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2020, Instagram

The husband and wife kicked off the New Year together in paradise.

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