Heinz and Ocean Spray Might Be Releasing "Cravy" for Thanksgiving

Despite being announced around April Fool’s Day, Heinz and Ocean Spray are actually thinking about introducing “Cravy” for Thanksgiving.

Taking to Twitter, Heinz shared a mock-up of its latest mash-up condiment with the caption, “After a wonderful think session with my friends at @oceansprayinc, we’ve decided to join forces for a flavorful concoction that might add a touch of magic to your meal. What do you say, dear friends? 250,000 ‘Indeed’ votes will make “CRAVY” a reality!” If the poll is successful we could be seeing the release of a jar that combines gravy and cranberry sauce together, a union that may drive some over the edge. At the moment it appears that most people are voting “I think not” so the fate of “Cravy” is not looking too promising.

Check out Heinz’s tweet with the poll for “Cravy” below.

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