How Ben Affleck’s Confession About Jennifer Garner Divorce Has Affected Her Romance With Boyfriend

Ben Affleck stunned fans with his confession that his biggest regret in life is his divorce from Jennifer Garner. She’s been happily dating BF John Miller and we have how Ben’s revelation has affected their relationship.

While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, both 47, have remained friendly and successful co-parents following their 2018 split, he made the raw confession to the New York Times that their divorce is his biggest regret in life. The 47-year-old actress moved on to a happy, low-key relationship with handsome businessman John Miller, 41, in 2018. Ben’s confession hasn’t changed things between the couple one bit. “It’s really not an issue for them. It’s an unorthodox situation for sure, but it didn’t cause any drama between Jen and her boyfriend [John Miller], they’re all good,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. 

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