How can I keep my varicose veins away?

Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about: How can I keep my varicose veins away?

  • An anonymous 56-year-old reader asked for advice on treating varicose veins
  • Inge Van Lotringen suggested home-exercises with fitness trainer Zana Morris
  • Constantinos Kyriakides recommended cutting out processed foods and alcohol

Q: I have had my varicose veins removed but I worry more may develop as I have been moving around so much less in lockdown. I am 56 and have to continue shielding for health reasons. Are there any preventative steps I can take while stuck at home?

A: You’re right to want to take action. ‘Having already had varicose veins puts you at increased risk of further ones, as does being sedentary,’ says consultant vascular surgeon Constantinos Kyriakides.

He adds that advancing age, genetics and obesity are big contributing factors as well. But help is at hand.

An anonymous reader asked British beauty expert Inge van Lotringen, for advice on treating varicose veins during lockdown (file image) 

London’s Private Clinic has put together a free 20-minute home-exercise video with top fitness trainer Zana Morris, specifically aimed at reducing varicose vein risk.

Go to privateclinic and scroll to the ‘Battle lockdown varicose veins’ post.

It is very do-able and, done consistently, could make all the difference. It also offers relief to those suffering the symptoms of existing varicose veins: cramping, aching, swollen legs.

Other strategies that can reduce symptoms — but can’t ‘cure’ the veins themselves — are a balanced diet.

Cut out salty and sugary processed foods and alcohol — and use topical products with horse chestnut, advises Mr Kyriakides. Try Viridian Organic Horse Chestnut Balm (£18,

To get rid of existing veins, consult a vascular surgeon to discuss options.

Inge Van Lotringen (pictured) advised the reader to try at-home exercises and cut out sugary processed foods from her diet 

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