How Many Tattoos Does Cardi B Have?

Celebrity tattoos are often fascinating. Since these entertainers find themselves in the spotlight and in front of a camera so often, their ink gets a lot more scrutiny than the tats of the non-famous.

On top of that, entertainers often find themselves sporting different identities when they take on acting roles. So, sometimes their tattoos become a problem that has to be covered up — or even get incorporated into the role.

One famous musician who has a lot of art on her skin is Cardi B. The Manhattan-born entertainer is famous for her quick wit and in-your-face attitude, and she has several tattoos that help tell her story. 

Cardi B is an ambitious and driven entertainer

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Cardi B started working as a teenager, and when she was fired from her job at a grocery store, her manager suggested she try stripping instead. She took the words to heart and got hired on the spot, learning quickly that she could make way more money in the exotic dancing industry than she had been before.

Her connections to other dancers helped her grow her confidence, and she felt empowered by having control over her life and image. 

While she was still working in the industry, Cardi B took to social media and started amassing a following there. It was through that following that she got the attention of producers for the show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

In 2015, she was cast on the show and was soon able to leverage her success there into a music career. Marriage and a baby soon followed, and today Cardi B is at the top of the game, living her life boldly and beautifully. 

Cardi B has several tattoos 

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While an exact accounting of Cardi B’s body ink isn’t known, the tattoos that are regularly visible on her body have been on full display. She has around eight different pieces, and — as expected — the art is as unique and bold as she is.

The most obvious of her tattoos is the large peacock that wraps around her hip, thigh, and back on her right side. Her left thigh sports a large tattoo of roses and other florals in an artistic style. She also has a large drawing of a cheetah above her right hip. 

Together, these three large tattoos display confidence, beauty, and strength as qualities Cardi B both embodies and respects. They fit in with her personal image and style very well. 

Many of Cardi B’s tattoos are text

In addition to these large, image-based tattoos, Cardi B is also sporting several words permanently etched on her body. Just beneath her hairline and therefore only visible when she’s sporting an updo, Cardi B has the name “Samuel” tattooed across the back of her neck.

The inside of her left wrist has a similar red name that reads “Tommy G.” The inside of her right wrist sports the name “Belkis,” which is an abbreviated version of her own real name.

In large letters on the inside of her left arm, she’s got “Loyalty Over Royalty” written in a flowing script. In the same spot on the other arm, Cardi B sports her sister’s name, “Hennesy,” with black shaded roses.

She also revealed a relatively new tattoo of the name of Migo rapper and her husband, “Offset,” above the back of her left knee, just below the bottom of her rose tattoo. 

Behind her right ear is her smallest and most subtle visible tattoo. It’s a finely drawn hand making the American Sign Language symbol for “I Love You” accompanied by a tiny red star. 

It’s clear that Cardi B uses tattoos to not only beautify herself but also to pay homage to the people who matter to her. 

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