How to find secret sale items in Primark when it reopens on April 12

PRIMARK is so cheap all year round that it doesn't have the usual seasonal sales like other retailers.

But The Sun has found a way to spot "secret" sale items in stores.

These items can be reduced by half or more of their original price.

Every store will have a small number of reduced items and these are marked using red stickers.

The items are usually end of season items or stock that is being discontinued.

If shoppers want to find the hidden bargains then they should ask a member of Primark's customer service staff to point them out.

Some stores may even have a rail of sale items – but it does vary between stores.

Also keep in mind that only a tiny proportion of stock is discounted.

We visited Primark's Westfield store in London ahead of the fashion giant reopening its shops in England and Wales tomorrow.

While we were there we found just two jumpers marked down in price.

 A Primark spokesperson said: "We don’t hold seasonal sales or special discounts because we offer amazing fashion at amazing prices all year round!

"The vast majority of what we will have on offer when we open our doors will be our fresh new Spring/Summer ranges, from new season trends to our great value everyday essentials, and all at our usual great value prices.

"As always, there will be a small proportion of marked down product for us to clear as we go but no more than we’d have in the usual course of business."

The high street fashion store is set to reopen 160 shops in England and Wales on Monday. 

Primark is also launching its first-ever maternity range in selected stores, which includes pregnancy jeans, underwear and pyjamas.  

The retailer is extending opening hours in its branches, by an average of two hours per store.

Times will vary by store though so customers should check their local opening hours by using Primark's shop locator tool.

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