How you can save THOUSANDS buying second-hand kitchens

How buying a second-hand kitchen can save you thousands: Expert reveals how buying ‘used’ units at up to 90% off is the next frontier in our circular economy

  • Expert revealed how you can save thousands of pounds by buying a used kitchen
  • Helen Lord, 52, is the founder of the Used Kitchen Exchange, based in Cheshire
  • She told how it’s ‘not uncommon’ for customers to save £60,000 or more
  • Shared her tips on what buyers should look out for when buying second-hand 

Customers stand to save tens of thousands of pounds by buying kitchens second-hand, an expert has explained. 

Helen Lord, 52, founder of Cheshire-based Used Kitchen Exchange, told how it is ‘not uncommon’ for customers to save in excess of £60,000 on a kitchen’s recommended retail price (RRP) with reductions of up to 90 per cent available. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Helen, who started her business from her own kitchen table in 2012, explained that she sees buying ‘used’ kitchens as part of the ‘circular economy’ that already sees customers happily shop pre-owned fashion, cars and furniture.  

Original price: £120,000. Re-sale price: £16,000: This elegant kitchen, from leading designer Mark Wilkinson, was bought at 87 per cent off and came complete with a stylish island

She said: ‘Whilst I think it is fair to say there are very few of us who would buy something just because it is sustainable, we have definitely noticed a change. 

‘For a long time cars were one of the few things people bought second hand but that’s changing. Austerity and the search for value for money has made “used” a zeitgeist badge of honour and I find this very exciting.

‘Whatever the key drivers may be, the circular economy has spread as a concept and many retail sectors are picking up on it. For example fashion, furniture, baby products and home fittings are all seeing a movement to change the way we buy. 

‘Essentially, the attitude to the word “used” is changing, rather than it meaning something that is old and worn out, it now represents “value for money” and of course a more sustainable choice.’

Original price: £90,000. Re-sale price: £20,000 This impressive Mark Wilkinson ‘Etruscan’ kitchen was given a fresh lease of life after being snapped up for 78 per cent off the RRP

Original price: £80,000. Re-sale price: £5,000. This modern shaker kitchen was snapped up at 80 per cent off its RRP through the Used Kitchen Exchange

Not only is this good for the environment – Helen estimates it saves money on kitchen disposal and between four and 10 tonnes of carbon waste being emitted in creating a new one – but it also significantly reduces the cost.

‘Buying an approved used kitchen [one that has been verified by experts] allows you to buy an aspirational designer kitchen that would normally be out of your reach,’ she explained.

‘It allows you to buy the kitchen you really love, not just the one you can afford, with savings ranging from 60 per cent to 90 per cent off the original recommended retail price (RRP).’

Original price: £54,000. Re-sale price: £7,500. This SieMatic BeauxArts German kitchen, sold at 86 per cent off the RRP, was bought by a couple who wanted it for their house boat

Reconfigured: The new owners, identified only as Rebecca and Stephen, were able to reconfigure the kitchen, pictured, so that it fit perfectly in their new house boat

Helen, who came up with the idea for UKE after buying her own kitchen second-hand, revealed how she has sold a £120,000 kitchen for £16,000 and a £25,000 kitchen for £5,000. 

While there are perhaps greater bargains to be had on the likes of eBay or Facebook marketplace – where customers sometimes post kitchens for free – the idea behind UKE is that customers can rest assured that that ‘everything is as it seems’. 

‘Unlike other on-line channels such as ebay, facebook marketplace etc, you will have the comfort that we “Approve” all the used kitchens we sell,’ Helen explained.

‘This means that every used kitchen on our website has been viewed, inspected, photographed and measured by us; ensuring its quality, condition and the accuracy of the information in the sales listing. So no nasty surprises. It’s a bit like buying a used car from a New Car Showroom rather than privately.’ 

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