Hublot Scales Up Its MECA-10 Movement Into a $50,000 USD Skeletonized Clock

In 2016, Hublot unveiled its MECA-10 movement to the world of horology, a revolutionary caliber reimagining manual-wind movements with a skeletonized design and an impressive power reserve of 10 hours. Now, four years on, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has employed the help of the L’Epée manufacture to craft an oversized version of the famed movement to power a technically-designed table clock.

The result is an oversized version that stays true to the original, consisting of a staggering 432 components, 52 jewels, and an incredible 10-day power reserve. Housed in a case measuring 19.6cm by 18.1cm, the movement is offered in two different versions. The former carries Meccano-inspired angles and a ring constructed from satin-finished steel and transparent composite, while the second receives a black PVD-coated finish with its bridges for the gear trains also dressed in matte black. Both versions feature a rubber-coated notched crown at 3 o’clock, allowing for better grip when you’re winding the clock.

For those interested, the Hublot MECA-10 clock is now available, going for $50,500 USD for the black PVD-coated version and $47,400 USD for the satin-finished steel version. Head over to Hublot’s website to learn more.

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