Hungry Horse is selling a pizza sandwich that’s filled with lasagne

Listen up, food fans.

You can now mash-up two popular dishes – pizza and lasagne.

In a move that is bound to make Italians wince, Hungry Horse has combined the two items.

Chefs used two Margherita pizzas to encase the beefy pasta, creating a sandwich of sorts.

And for £8.99, customers can bag the quirky combination along with some fries and a tomato dip.

The layered pizza is available from Hungry Horse’s 266 pubs nationwide – and apparently, it’s great for sharing among friends.

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It’s not the only creative dish the pub chain has launched recently.

Hungry Horse seems to be a fan of odd pairings, as it’s selling spicy chicken pizza sandwiches for £8.99 too.

It’s also flogging a chicken fajita burger.

The £7.79 menu item consists of a cheeseburger, topped with spicy peppers and battered chicken fingers.

This Mexican and American mash-up is also served with sour cream, mayo and guacamole.

Jason Radbourn, senior food development manager at Hungry Horse, hopes to attract experimental foodies through the pubs’ doors.

He said: “We’re not shy when it comes to experimenting with food innovation and always try to create a real showstopper on each of our new menus.

"We hope our customers are as excited as we are to try our tasty new offering.”

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