‘I divorced my husband the day after the wedding after he humiliated me’

An upset bride is getting divorced after only one day married due to her husband breaking her “hard-and-fast” wedding rule, which is that she did not want the wedding cake smashed into her face.

The woman wrote to Slate’s ‘Dear Prudence’ advice collum saying she believes her husband’s “insane stunt” is unforgivable, but that everyone is telling her to “give him another chance.”

She wrote: “I never cared about getting married, but I wasn’t opposed to it. So when my boyfriend proposed in 2020, we decided to go for it.”

The bride added that both she and the groom took half of the responsibility in planning the wedding and that she only had one promise she wanted her soon-to-be husband to keep.

She wrote: “My only hard-and-fast rule was that he would not rub cake in my face at the reception. Being a reasonable man who knows me well, he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my head down into it.”

When it came to the big day, the bride explained that not only did her husband shove her face into the cake, he had a backup plan after destroying the wedding cake, showing that he had planned to break his promise all along.

She wrote: “It was planned since the cake was DESTROYED, and he had a bunch of cupcakes as a backup.”

The bride said she immediately left the wedding and told him the next day that they were breaking up and that she stands by her decision to divorce him.

However, this has caused lots of issues with their close friends and family, who are begging the bride to reconsider which has left the bride feeling doubtful. The bride also revealed that she has had a traumatic experience in the past which led her to not want her face being pushed into a wedding cake.

She said: “The thing is that over the holidays everyone has gotten together to tell me I should give him a second chance. That I am overreacting because of my issues (I am VERY claustrophobic after a car accident years ago, and I absolutely panicked at being shoved into a cake and held there).

“That I love him (even though right now I don’t feel that at all), he loves me, and that means not giving up at the first hurdle. I don’t want to, but everyone is so united and confident in their assurance I am making a terrible mistake that I wonder if they are right.”

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Prudence has responded to the bride advising her that she should continue with her divorce and that the bride’s loved one “don’t seem to value your happiness.” Prudence said: “Everyone’s sure you’re making a mistake, but they’re not the ones who have to wake up every day with a man whose behaviour massively turns them off. You are. So you only have to listen to yourself.”

The bride’s advice collum has gone viral on TikTok, with many people shocked at the groom’s action and have backed the bride’s decision. In one video, which has received millions of views, one woman said: “Why do ‘loved ones’ want women to continue along and be unhappy? That intolerable level of unhappiness is what keeps women in these terrible relationships.”

Other comments on TikTok also supported the bride. One user said: “A lot of wedding cakes have wood pins to hold the tiers in place. He could have injured her severely.”

Another person wrote: “The people who wanted her to ignore the red flag probably ignored their partners red flags in the past and now feel trapped. Misery loves company.”

Someone else commented: “It’s not about cake; It’s about boundaries, safety, respect, absence of love, narcissism and red flags… Support her decision 100 percent.”

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