I will treat my daughter to strippers for her 18th birthday

I will treat my daughter to Dom Perignon and strippers at her £10,000 18th birthday party – and I won’t be ‘mum shamed’ about it

  • Carla Bellucci, Hitchin, will mark her daughter’s 18th birthday with strippers
  • She says she is unconcerned with any criticism this may draw from others
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A mother has revealed she is planning to mark her daughter’s 18th birthday with strippers and expensive champagne – and says she won’t take any notice of critics.

Carla Bellucci, 40, who lives in Hitchin near Hertforshire, is planning to throw a £10,000 bash for her daughter Tanisha’s upcoming 18th.

And she says that while she knows local parents will be horrified that guests will be served £200-a-bottle Dom Perignon by half-naked strippers, she doesn’t see the problem.

On top of that, Carla says that she is planning to help Tanisha set up an Only Fans account once she hits 18, as she knows she is keen to do it, and would rather be involved than ‘turn a blind eye’. 

Carla Bellucci (pictured) says she will mark her daughter’s 18th birthday with a lavish £10,000 bash – and she doesn’t care what haters have to say about it

Carla, who lives with her fiancé Gio and her youngest three children Tanisha, 17, Jayden, 15, and Blue 12-months, told The Sun that she wants her daughter’s ‘first taste of booze’ to be stylish champagne, rather than ‘a sad £5 Prosecco.

She added that as her daughter will be going to see Magic Mike Live a week before she hits her milestone birthday, she was inspired to continue that theme.

To do so, she has booked three strippers, who she says will ‘wait on [Tanisha] and her friends hand and foot’.

Carla added: ‘I know full well that local mums will be horrified by the idea but at the end of the day she’s an adult, I don’t see the issue!

Mother and daughter: Carla (pictured, left) and Tanisha (pictured, right) share more of a friendship than a traditional parent and offspring bond, according to Carla

‘There will be plenty of mums who won’t want their kids coming anywhere near Tanisha’s birthday party, but I am sure they will find a way to sneak along.’

The mother noted that she will be ensuring that no one underage will be drinking alcohol at the bash.

According to Carla, seeing her daughter around the unclothed waiters will not bother her, as their ‘modesty will be covered by a little apron’.

She also pointed out that the pair enjoy a relationship that is more like friends than mother and daughter.

Furthermore, she added, throwing the party and providing the alcohol means that she can supervise any drinking – rather than the teen ‘necking vodka in a field’.

One of the criticisms Carla has faced when it come to her pricey party plans is the cost, and she says she knows local parents are likely to criticise her for spending amid the cost of living crisis.

Carla (pictured, left) and Tanisha (pictured, right) are a ‘dream team’ according to Carla, who believes they will be very successful working together on Tanisha’s Only Fans account

However, she said, as Tanisha will only turn 18 once, she is keen to mark the ocassion in style. 

Among the expenses, the ‘naked waiters’ will cost around £600 for an hour. Then on top of the £200 per bottle Dom Perignon, Carla is looking to hire a DJ, Instagrammable doughnut wall, and a magician.

With costs rising, she is planning to keep the total budget for the do at around £10,000.

In addition to the lavish party, Tanisha and Carla will take a celebratory trip to Paris,  where they plan to indulge in some shopping.

When it comes to those who criticise her spending, Carla said: ‘They can jog on, I can’t see how anyone can be in that much poverty I really can’t.’

She added that people should learn to budget their money, and ‘stop whining’, and they should stop spending money on luxuries like cigarettes if they are struggling to pay for utilities.  

According to Carla (pictured) she plans to manage her daughter’s Only Fans account, and says her expertise in the industry will help protect her

Additionally, she said, her daughter will be making up for any money she spends in Paris or on celebrating her birthday.

The 17-year-old has plans to set up an Only Fans account once she hits 18, and her mother wants to be involved, which she says is better than turning a blind eye.

With her own experience in the industry, Carla is planning to be her daughter’s manager, using her expertise to ensure Tanisha isn’t exploited, and taking a cut of the income. 

According to Carla, who has warned Tanisha that what she does now will stay with her throughout her life, the pair have a close bond and her daughter will share any issues with her.

She described them as a ‘dream team’, and says she believes that working together, they will be hugely successful. 

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