If You're Starting to Question Owen's Deal on The Haunting of Bly Manor, Read This

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Netflix’s creepy Haunting of Bly Manor is one twist and turn after another from beginning to end. The companion piece to 2018’s Haunting of Hill House is based on Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw and is packed with so many ghosts. The show, though, doesn’t rely on the ghosts for scares so much as the psychological effects of memories and sadness. And for the first half of the season, it’s hard to even tell who’s alive and who’s not. Manor chef Owen is a question mark for awhile — is he a ghost or not?

While we quickly learn that former manor staff Peter and Rebecca are ghosts, other manor staff Hannah, Jamie, and Owen aren’t as clear. As the staff interact with the children of the house, Flora and Miles, we learn more about them. However, as we get Hannah’s real story, we see how it intertwines with Owen’s. The two are in love, but as Hannah comes to grips with her own death, she keeps repeating the memory of bringing Owen to the manor for the first time. Owen helps Hannah understand that she’s dead and that the two of them will never be together because she can’t leave the manor. The ghosts of the manor are trapped, and she will never escape the grounds. Owen, on the other hand, is still alive, and will someday leave.

As Bly Manor’s spirits are set free, Owen lays Hannah’s body to rest before moving on with his life. He moves to Paris like he and Hannah wanted to and opens up his own restaurant called A Batter Place. At the very end of the last episode, you realize that Owen is the speaker from the wedding in the beginning of the movie — and it’s Flora’s wedding. But with the passage of time, the children have grown up and forgotten the ghost story of their youth and Owen has moved on with his life without Hannah.

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