‘Issues with their coaching and issues with their list’

The Blues’ season is all but over after they lost to the Eagles on Sunday.

Not only does it look like they’ll miss finals, it seems they won’t even be in range of the eight. And the heat is on coach David Teague.

This week on the Real Footy podcast, Michael Gleeson, Jake Niall and Caroline Wilson discuss the fallout at Carlton and what changes to the coaching structure could be coming at season’s end. The panel also looks at other significant issues that the Blues are dealing with, including an over-abundance of half-back flankers and serious gaps in the midfield, players played out of position and appalling kicking skills.

Incoming president Luke Sayers is set to bring an auditor’s eye to Carlton’s football department. What will that mean for the Blues going forward, both on and off the field?

Dreamtime in the west was a huge success, with a packed stadium, a huge turnout for the Long Walk and an exciting game. Would struggling Victorian teams consider heading to Perth to play home games? Or could it even extend to teams that aren’t struggling, if those teams have a chunk of members based in WA? And if Tasmania gets its own team, could a 20th addition to the competition become a third club in the west?

While there was no change in Collingwood’s game plan, they were able to move the ball better against the Crows. The win will buy Nathan Buckley some time, but they are going to come up against a tougher challenge when they play Melbourne on Queen’s Birthday.

Plus, the continuing fallout from COVID-19 on the season, celebrating the return of Thursday night footy and much more.

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