Italy IS safe for holidaymakers, tourist board claims – despite spiralling coronavirus cases – The Sun

THE Italian tourist board has told holidaymakers that it is safe to visit the country, as the country sees cases of coronavirus surge past 2,500, while 79 people have died from the virus.

The national organisation has released a statement seeking to reassure would-be visitors, as up to 90 per cent of holiday bookings are cancelled for this month in certain parts of the country.

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It said: "To date only 0.05 per cent of Italy is affected by extraordinary measures of temporary isolation of some Italian cities

"The remainder of the country, including the Italian regions where the cities in temporary isolation are located, is safe and accessible.

"All services and activities for citizens and tourists are normally provided and the quality of life, for which Italy is famous world-wide, remains high."

More than 200 million euros of travel and accommodation cancellations have already been made for March.

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