Jacqueline Jossa stuns in beauty transformation using these semi-permanent hair extensions loved by celebs

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We don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but Jacqueline Jossa is having a bit of a glamorous moment. She’s fresh back from a shoot in Ibiza, where she snapped herself wearing a series of Kardashian-inspired hair looks, and now it seems she’s keeping up with her glam new image back at home.

The mum-of-two, 27, must have liked the lengthy clip-in extensions from her shoot in Spain so much that she’s made the look more permanent with tape extensions.

“Business mode,” the star simply captioned the Instagram shot that showed off her new hair, which sees her long caramel lengths styled into sleek, blow-dried waves.

Though Jac didn’t give any extra details about how she achieved this new look, she tagged in her hairstylist Carl Bembridge, who luckily had all the insider intel.

“Fresh new tapes for Jac Jossa to add fullness,” he captioned a short Instagram video of Jac.

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While tape extensions aren’t new, they have been getting increased publicity since lockdown started, as celebs like Kady McDermott were left to remove their own once hairdressers had closed.

This type of extension is also known to be a favourite of other big names like Scarlett Moffatt and Love Island’s Dani Dyer and Laura Anderson, who use them to add thickness and length to their natural locks.

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So what are tape extensions?

If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re semi-permanent forms of hair extension that attach to sections of your natural hair, and last around six to eight weeks before needing to be taped back in.

Tapes are also thought to cause less damage than other methods, like bonding. The reason for this is a thin section of your natural hair gets sandwiched between two tapes, but the weight of the false hair is slightly more distributed than the small strand that bonds would need to be attached to.

They’re also incredibly speedy to apply, taking just an hour to stick in a full head of tapes (as opposed to other methods which can have you in the hairdressers for five or six hours). You can also reuse the same hair for up to a year, while only needing new tape sticking to the end of them.

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