Jaguars' Tim Tebow denied from 'Tight End University', George Kittle explains why

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Tim Tebow was once a quarterback, but he’ll be transitioning into a tight end for the Jaguars.

However, some players across the league still think Tebow has a long way before being considered a true player at the position. All-Pro tight end George Kittle and former Pro Bowler Greg Olsen are leading the way at “Tight End University” in Nashville, Tennessee, and when they put together a list of invites, they decided not to include the former Florida product.

Both Kittle and Olsen explained why they didn’t include Tebow, saying it’s nothing personal.

“So, nothing against Tim Tebow, but I found it hard to invite — I wish nothing but the best for Tim Tebow, and I hope he has a fantastic season playing tight end — but it’s hard for me not to invite a backup tight end on, let’s say the New York Giants, as opposed to inviting a guy who just started playing the tight end position because we do have limited spots,” Kittle said via “I wish I could make it so every NFL tight end can come, [so] it’s accessible to everybody. But what we tried to do this year, we wanted to pay for everything for all the tight ends that come to kind of make it a special event for all tight ends.”

Kittle explained that they expected to only have “20 guys” at “Tight End University”, but they are expected to have more than 50 tight ends at the gathering, where they take part in a week of training, information sharing, and all-around improvement.

Olsen, on the other hand, didn’t feel like he needed a thorough explanation. Instead, he got straight to the point on why they felt Tebow didn’t deserve to be a part of the event yet.

“If he’s on a roster this year, and he plays tight end, we would love to have him,” Olsen said. “We would love to work with him. Once he’s officially a tight end, we would love to work with him.”

Tebow will be one of six tight ends participating in Jacksonville’s minicamp. There is a good chance that he doesn’t even make the final roster, which makes sense as to why Kittle and Olsen don’t feel like he is a true tight end yet.

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