Jeopardy Contestant Incorrectly Guesses Joel Embiid’s Nickname — So NBA Star Adopts It

Joel Embiid is here for his new nickname!

After a contestant on Wednesday’s episode of Jeopardy gave an incorrect response to a question about the Philadelphia 76ers center’s nickname, the NBA pro, 25, rallied behind the mistake, even changing his name on Twitter.

Clearly not the biggest sports fan, the contestant came up with the wrong answer for the $1,000 question pertaining to Embiid’s adopted moniker, which he successfully trademarked in 2019.

Offering up a big hint, the clue explained that the nickname also described “the 76ers’ strategy of improving the team.”

However, instead of answering “The Process,” the contestant incorrectly guessed that it was “Do a 180.”

Taking the mistake in stride, Embiid embraced the flub.

“New year, New me!!! You can now call me JOEL ‘DO A 180’ EMBIID,” he wrote on Instagram, which prompted both his team and LeBron James to comment with crying with laughter emojis.

And Embiid actually did a 180 over on Twitter, making his new name: “Joel ‘Do a 180’ Embiid???”

In honor of the change, he also shared a silly throwback video, providing a joking explanation as to how he earned the unique moniker.

The video showed a young Embiid turning around and throwing a pass back out onto the court after running a little too far and missing a lay-up opportunity.

Embiid has been out of action recently, having sprained his left shoulder during a late February game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is unclear when he will return.

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