John Mulaney Used His ‘SNL’ Monologue To Give A Very Funny History Lesson

John Mulaney’s return to the Saturday Night Live stage occurred on a historic day with it being a leap day and all. In honor of being the first host during a leap day, Mulaney’s 2020 SNL monologue gave a very educational history lesson. While the information Mulaney provided might not help you win Normandy Trivia, he covered everything from Jesus’ friend group to Julius Caesar. But it was his U.S. Constitution humor that might have been the most informative.

After explaining that we have Julius Caesar to thank for leap years, Mulaney pivoted to American history where he did not hide his disdain for the Founding Fathers. His main issue with this "weird group of guys" is which amendments they chose to make to the Constitution — and in which order. While Mulaney was all for the First Amendment of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion, he then directed his ire at the next two amendments. The Second Amendment, according to Mulaney, is simply: "You can have all the guns ya want!" Number Three? "The army can’t live in your house!" Mulaney noted he wasn’t trying to get political, but he certainly found fault with those two being the silver and bronze of the Bill of Rights.

The comedian chalked up the Third Amendment, which restricts the quartering of soldiers in people’s homes, to perhaps a wife of a Founding Father having an affair with a soldier. Unfortunately, Professor Mulaney in SNL History 101 thought that this "forever list" of amendments shouldn’t have been so impacted by that Founding Father’s personal life.

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