John Turturro Explains Why The Obamas Credit Him For Their Relationship

John Turturro played a role in Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, and said Thursday that the former first couple let him know he “brought them together.” (Watch the video below.)

After “The Jesus Rolls” actor comically dissected the habits of some 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on “The Late Show” Thursday, host Stephen Colbert turned the conversation to the Obamas.

He noted that Turturro starred in “Do The Right Thing,” which Barack Obama and then-Michelle Robinson saw on their first date in 1989. The two married in 1992.

Although Turturro noted that he played the racist Pino in director Spike Lee’s classic, he said the Obamas credited him for their blooming relationship.

“Michelle told me and Barack both, they said that I’ve been with them since the beginning and I sort of brought them together,” Turturro explained.

“That’s a wonderful thing,” he added.


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