Jordanian boy gets impromptu birthday party as he's quarantined in hotel

Many of us will be celebrating a birthday while we self-isolate.

While we may opt for virtual drinks via Zoom and Skype, it’s harder for little children to understand why they can’t have birthday parties with their friends with lots of their fave foods.

One Jordanian family were unsure how to celebrate their young son’s birthday after being quarantined in a hotel upon returning from a trip to Europe.

With Italy and Spain reporting some of the highest cases of COVID-19, the Jordanian government placed a 14-day hold on those returning from Europe.

Dina Karadsheh is one of the people quarantined in a hotel room with her family, thinking of a way to celebrate her son Khalil’s birthday.

But when the big day approached, she heard a crowd yelling his name outside her window.

Hotel staff gathered outside the family’s balcony to sing happy birthday and made sure Khalil had some cake to top off the celebration.

She, Khalil and his dad Khaled Ghandour have been at the hotel near the Dead Sea since returning from Europe five days ago.

The family are among hundreds who were placed under a protective 14-day quarantine upon re-entering the country from abroad.

Jordan’s government has turned a number of hotels near the Dead Sea and capital Amman into quarantine areas for their citizens coming back from abroad.

The country announced it will impose a countrywide lockdown from 21 March to combat coronavirus, barring people from moving except for emergencies, the government said.

King Abdullah has enacted an emergency decree giving the government sweeping powers to enforce an army-imposed curfew and other protective measures.

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