Kate Middleton carefully chooses outfit colours to send messages to public, expert says

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s style is always under intense scrutiny. Perhaps that’s why she’s said to carefully select colours to allow her clothes to speak volumes without uttering one word.

Modern colour theorist Momtaz Begum-Hossain is the author of upcoming book Hello Rainbow: Brighten Up Your Life and Mind with Color Therapy. She believes that every colour releases a different energy which not only affects how we feel, but influences the mood of those we’re with.

“There are so many benefits of colour for our physical health and mental health. Each colour is constantly radiating its own specific energy” explains Momtaz.

“So we might know that wearing red gives us confidence but also, without knowing it, the positive lightwaves from it spread to people around us.”

Pointing to the influence Kate’s colour picks have on others, she adds, “Kate holds a public role, so when she chooses to wear a certain colour, many people will be affected by it.

“That colour also serves as her personal armour,” continues Momtaz. “She has an aura of professionalism and doesn’t give too much away about herself. One way we get a glimpse of her personality and views is through the colours she wears. And she pretty much wears the rainbow. I think that shows a nice side to her because the average person tends to stick to a certain colour palette.”

Momtaz does have some advice to Kate on how to boost her mood and that of those around her.

“I love seeing Kate in block colours, but that means you’re only giving off one vibration, one energy force and it can be detrimental. The more colours you introduce, the more mentally balanced you’ll feel. Rather like a balanced diet containing different nutrients, we need lots of different colour energies in our life.

“But colour blocking has become Kate’s signature look and she’s comfortable with it. She wants to be seen as an uncomplicated, inoffensive person.”

Here, Momtaz reveals what she believes to be the hidden intentions behind Kate’s colour choices and how they will have helped boost her wellbeing…

Red for confidence

Kate wore this Catherine Walker coat to the Commonwealth Day service in 2020 for one of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s last official royal duties.

“I’m surprised to see Kate wearing red, because of all the colours it probably has the most vibration. Red has a connotation with being a sensual, very attractive colour and can also encourage anger. But I don’t think she chose it to look sensual or because she was feeling angry here. She chose red because it’s energising and uplifting and gives the wearer confidence.”

Green for relaxation

An Alessandra Rich peplum dress was just one of the shades of green Kate wore on her trip to Ireland with the Duke of Cambridge in March 2020.

“This shows Kate is very culturally sensitive – wherever she goes in the world, she’s always dressing for the occasion. Green sits in the middle of the colours of the rainbow, so by wearing it at an event where she was surrounded by lots of people, it’s like she was saying, ‘I want to feel comfortable and relaxed.’”

Pink for comfort

For her first official engagement after Meghan and Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March this year, Kate chose a pink jumper from Boden.

“Pink is the most nurturing of colours. When we were in the womb, we felt pink energy as it was the first colour we were exposed to. So when we need to feel comforted and loved, we revert back those first childhood memories. Kate must could well have been going through turmoil after the Oprah interview, so wearing pink gave her the comfort that she needed at the time. Pink also helps soothe others – when we see someone wearing pink, we automatically feel that sense of familiarity.”

Yellow for positive vibes

William dubbed this bright yellow number the ‘Banana’ dress, but Kate has worn it more than once, including to the Wimbledon Championships in 2016.

“Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It energises us, gives us clarity, and clears our head from any negativity. I love the positivity that comes from wearing yellow. I think Kate wanted to give off those positive vibrations to people around her.”

Blue for communication

For the first day of the Cambridge’s royal tour of India in 2016 she wore this beautiful Jenny Packham gown for a reason.

“Blue is incredibly inoffensive. It’s also the colour of communication, so it helps us relate to people around us, especially those who are wearing blue, and it helps us listen better, focus and gives us confidence. Kate immersed herself in some Hollywood glamour, too with this gown, so that would have rubbed off on her and brought her joy.”

…and respect

And in 2020, during the first lockdown, Kate wore a blue Ghost dress to support the NHS/this Beulah dress to celebrate the NHS’s birthday.

“She obviously chose this to show respect to NHS workers. This shows her caring side. Royal blue can be very glamorous, but other shades like this are less distracting, so it’s not all about her. This shows modesty. There’s a sense of calm about it too in a time of real anxiety. She was helping to reassure the nation.”

Lilac for healing

Five months after the birth of Prince Louis, Kate wore this Emilia Wickstead dress to the 2018 Mental Health Summit.

“This shade is soothing and eases depression. It’s the colour of healing, which is very appropriate for the event, so Kate was being sensitive and showing empathy with the cause. Think of how spraying lavender in a room can have a calming effect on everyone – wearing this colour has the same effect.”

White for reassurance

In 2019, Kate wore this white Barbara Casasola dress for the first annual gala in recognition of Addiction Awareness Week.

“There’s a real sense of feminine beauty, elegance and simplicity in white. But very few people can harness those energies all at once – you have to be a princess, literally. This is Kate embodying the person she has become. Everyone was hypnotised by her wedding, so every time we see her in white, we get a flashback to that day and it’s reassuring for us. White is also a spiritual colour, associated with rebirth, yoga and activities that involve decluttering the mind.”

Peach for discretion

While pregnant with Prince George in 2013, Kate wore this pretty Tara Jarmon coat on a visit to Naomi House Hospice.

“This is a very gentle tone, almost whimsical. It’s also a very low-energy colour. She was pregnant and she didn’t want her energy levels to be all over the place. She just needed to feel neutral. I think she wears peach when she doesn’t want to be detected and doesn’t want to speak too much. It’s her way of saying, ‘I’m here but I don’t want any attention. Just let me be’.”

Purple for spirituality

Kate’s purple Oscar de la Renta suit got an airing for a visit to The Nook Children’s Hospice in 2019.

“Purple is the most spiritual colour there is. You associate it with the higher consciousness. There’s also a connotation with magic and fantasy, but I don’t think those were the messages Kate wanted to give here. She was visiting children, and they mostly live in a fantasy world – when they see purple on an adult, they’ll see a different vibration. We’re all drawn to specific colours but I don’t think purple is an energy Kate’s drawn to currently.”

Black for beautiful vibes

Kate wore a black velvet McQueen dress for a military awards ceremony in 2011, during her first year of marriage.

“Black velvet is very sultry but it’s also formal, classic and respectful – perfect for the occasion. I think Kate really wanted to feel beautiful here. When we feel good, we make other people feel good as well. I like the idea that she felt amazing that evening.”

Orange for protection

Kate wore this bright Boden coat at Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2018 while pregnant with Prince Louis.

“Orange relates to the abdomen, where the uterus is. Its energy creates balance and keeps this part of the body healthy, so Kate was protecting her unborn son and filling the area with beneficial orange energy. She may have been feeling tired and orange would have made her feel alert and revitalised, just what she’d want to harness when on public duty. Interestingly, Kate doesn’t often wear orange, but I don’t think she usually needs that energy in her life.”

Mixed palette for truth

In 2017, Kate looked so stylish in her patterned Gucci dress with her Emmy London clutch.

“When she wears patterns, it’s not about her being a public figure or a mother. This is pretty much Kate being herself. Here she chose classic, chic colours. There’s a formality to this particular palette because it’s very uniform but it’s just the right amount of red to be playful.”

Hello Rainbow: Brighten Up Your Life and Mind with Color Therapy by Momtaz Begum-Hossain (Leaping Hare Press, £14.99) is out October 2021.

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