Kate Middleton Just Took Her Kids on the Sweetest Day Trip

Throughout quarantine and as restrictions have lifted in the U.K., Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William have been working non-stop. Amid Prince Andrew’s exile from royal life and Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex leaving the royal fold for California, the pair have taken on a lot more responsibility.

As the main faces of the British royal family, the Cambridges are beginning to form a new version of the royal family, one that they will take the helm of when the time comes while marking a path for their children.

Still, despite all of this hard work, the Cambridges have been careful to carve out time for their kids, especially until it’s time to begin school lessons again. In fact, Kate just took her little ones on an epic day trip.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children had an interesting summer vacation

For months, like everyone else in the world, the Cambridges were sequestered in their country home in Norfolk with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Though they had hands-on help with their nanny, Maria Borallo, juggling three different curriculums, playtime and everything else in between was a lot.

At the top of July, the Cambridges returned to London and their apartment at Kensington Palace which was a lovely change of pace. They were even able to go on a vacation as a family. The duke and duchess chose Scilly, an archipelago off the coast of Cornwall in southwest England. An insider told Mirror,

They decided on a quick getaway before the children return to school. They were keen to support our travel industry. William and Kate were riding their bicycles, having a laugh. They looked so happy enjoying the weather. I did do a double-take. They were really friendly and said hello.

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been in the spotlight more lately

In addition to Prince William and Kate’s much heftier schedules, the Cambridge children have been much visible as of late. In addition to photographs taken by Kate of the kiddos, they’ve also been seen clapping for National Health Service (NHS) and volunteering with their parents. Sarah Gristwood, author of Elizabeth: The Queen and the Crown, told People,

What has been reinforced throughout all of this is just how important the Cambridges are. There is a repositioning going on within the royal family and we are clearly seeing this. I think this is one of the most important stages in Kate’s life as a royal. As a young mother, Kate was allowed to raise her children away from the media spotlight but now we are seeing a shift.

Kate Middleton just took her kids on an epic day trip

Still, it’s not all work and studies at Kensington Palace. Kate recently took their children on a recent day trip adventure. The Twitter account Kate’s Royal Closet revealed that the success ad her kiddos were spotted at Mable’s Paint Pot. The account tweeted,

The Cambridge’s were spotted at Mable’s Paint Pot, a pottery painting shop in Burnham Market, Norfolk. Kate and the children must have painted some adorable pieces!

Apparently, Mable’s Paint Pot is more than just a pottery painting shop, it’s also an old-fashioned sweet shop. Apparently, Mable’s is a favorite treat among the Cambridge kiddos. There are apparently two-hand prints labeled “George” and “Charlotte” on the store’s wall.

What a lovely treat for the littles.

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