Kris Jenner — Which Daughter She ‘Deep Down’ Believes Will Get Pregnant Next

A HollywoodLife insider dished EXCLUSIVE details on who Kris Jenner believes will be pregnant next out of her five daughters.

Kris deep down does believe Kylie (Jenner) will be the next to be pregnant just because she wants a sibling so badly for Stormi,” a HollywoodLife source revealed EXCLUSIVELY on Saturday, February 29. “But at the same time, she doesn’t really see any of her girls getting pregnant anytime soon since the ones who want more kids aren’t in a position to have kids right now as they’re single.” Kris, 64, was put in the hot seat by Ellen DeGeneres, 62, earlier this week on her talk show when she asked which of her five daughters will be with child next. “Kourtney (Kardashian),” the matriarch initially answered. “Or maybe Kylie (Jenner)..what do you think? I think Kourtney.” Then, she added, “Maybe Kendall (Jenner).”

The “maybe” for Kendall, 24, is looking more like a “no” as the same source dished on how the supermodel felt after Kris said she might be pregnant in the near future. “Kris was totally joking when she said on Ellen that Kendall could be the next sister to be pregnant and Kendall knew that. She kind of had an ‘Oh mom’ moment in her head but she knew she was just joking and having fun with Ellen. It’s not even on Kendall’s radar to become a mom at this time. She’s so career focused.”

It’s interesting timing for Kylie and the possibility of gifting her daughter Stormi, who just turned 2 last month, with another sibling given the fan speculation that she and ex-boyfriend (and Stormi’s father) Travis Scott, 28, have rekindled their romance. She posted romantic photos of them from when they sat courtside at a Houston Rockets game in May of 2017 on her Instagram on Friday, February 28, leading some to believe that they are an item again months after their split.

The “Goosebumps” rapper has also taken a liking to Kylie’s new honey locks that she recently debuted on social media. “Travis is used to seeing Kylie change up her hair all the time and he thinks she always looks beautiful no matter what,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “But this lighter look on her is different from anything he’s seen before and he really loves it. Travis has seen Kylie with platinum hair in the past, but this is a softer look which he really loves.”

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