Lady Gaga 'Decided To Stop Being An Asshole' And Work With Max Martin On 'Stupid Love'

Lady Gaga’s new single “Stupid Love” might officially be out after leaking online last month, but it sounds like there’s a whole lot more where that came from. After releasing the single along with a very pink, very intergalactic music video earlier today (February 28), Gaga called into an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music. And in addition to chatting about her brand new bop, the two discussed something much, much bigger on the horizon: her sixth studio album.

“We are definitely dancing,” Gaga said of her highly anticipated sixth LP, affectionately known as #LG6 on social media. “I put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages from the other realm that I hear of [and] what they tell me to tell the world, and I put it into music that I believe to be so fun and energetically really pure. I want people to dance and feel happy.” Her main goal? To release an album that will become part of her fans’ “daily lives,” and that will “make them happy every single day.”

But creating an album that people organically want to dance to is, like many other things, easier said than done. Which is why Gaga worked with producer Max Martin for the album’s first single. “He’s an amazing producer,” the pop star said. “I’ve never worked with him, I’ve always sort of gone, ‘I write my own music, I produce myself, I don’t need to work with Max, right?'” Soon enough, she began to warm up to the idea. “I decided to stop being an asshole, meet him at least, you know?”

After that, everything fell into place. “Basically, I sang over a track that BloodPop made. We sent over what I sang to Max, Max picked some parts out, sent it back to me, and then I wrote lyrics,” Gaga said. And after piecing together a song that they were proud of, they decided to hit the studio. “I warmed up my voice, got in the booth, I sang it, and what you’re hearing on ‘Stupid Love’ is what we did that day,” she explained.

As it turns out, working with a variety of different people to create even more pop bangers for her next album was the way to go. “These records got passed around to so many different people,” she said. “There were so many different iterations of these songs because we all wanted it to be perfect and literally nobody cared who put their fingerprints on it, as long as it was the dopest thing that we could give to the world and that it was meaningful, authentic, and completely me.”

Now that “Stupid Love” is officially here, we can’t wait to hear what the rest of #LG6 will sound like. Unfortunately, a release date for the project hasn’t yet been announced. What we do know, however, is that the LP will be full of love and perspective. “This album is such a display of not only how you can reframe the way that you view the world,” she said, “but I promise and I hope that the love that was around me in the process of making this album is something that other people feel.”

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