Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ Costume Designer Reveals How Involved Singer Was In Music Video Looks

Lady Gaga rocks several pink metal outfits for her new ‘Stupid Love’ music video. We spoke to her costume designer about how the fashion forward singer involved was with the futuristic looks.

Lady Gaga can always be counted on to bring incredibly inventive and unique outfits to her music videos. The singer just dropped the song “Stupid Love” on Feb. 28 and the music video for it is set in a futuristic world where she wears lots of pink and metal. spoke to the 33-year-old’s music video costume designer Laurel DeWitt for an EXCLUSIVE interview about what went in to Gaga’s incredible styles.

In the video, Gaga wears four different costumes. The main one is a bubblegum pink bra top and high-waisted bottoms with a belt of pink spikes around her waist. Another skin-baring outfit features a dark pink metal one-shoulder bikini top and tiny bottoms. Then comes a pink bodysuit with a black biker vest, large shiny pink helmet and pink bows up and down her legs and arms. Gaga dons a long-sleeved shiny pink jacket and shorty shorts with spikes coming from her shoulders in her final look. Her headpieces and chokers are all made of pink metal and that was key to the styling.

“The mood boards were a crazy mash of futuristic armor, aliens, and even an insect type vibe. Everything had to be pink so I worked with her style team and just did my interpretation on it. Pink metal! I mean c’mon! It was perfect,” Lauren tells us. She said Gaga was “very” hands on with the design process, declaring “Gaga is a visionary!”

The outfits, along with a long pink wig, are a departure in a new direction for the singer. “Gaga is an artist who isn’t scared to step out the box and is constantly evolving. I think she wanted to take on the future of fashion, literally and figuratively. I’m just happy I could be a small part of it,” Lauren says. As for how Gaga reacted to the finished product that Lauren created, “She loved it! I heard it was a bit painful. But you know Gaga, anything for fashion,” the designer adds.

“The pressure is always there but I found in the past year I get into a different zone when I’m creating. If I panic, the product doesn’t come out right,” Lauren explains. “So I just work as hard as I can until my hands are sore and sometimes bleeding. After all, it is metal.  I’ve worked with a lot of celebs, but Gaga has worn everything and has access to everything. So I had to really dig down to create something like no one has ever seen. She looks beautiful and future forward so I’m happy!”

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