Loni Anderson Confirms Rumor Involving Princess Diana, Burt Reynolds And a Thank You Note

She also dished on kissing Arnold Schwarzenegger and losing out on a role to Barbra Streisand.

Loni Anderson addressed a long-standing rumor about Princess Diana and her ex-husband Burt Reynolds.

Appearing on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live,” the “WKRP in Cincinnati” vet had a fan ask if the late British royal once sent Burt a note thanking the couple for keeping her out of headlines temporarily with their highly-publicized split in 1993.

With a laugh, Loni answered, “Yes, that’s true.”

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As her divorce from the “Smokey and the Bandit” star was famously a bitter battle, host Andy Cohen asked if there was any truth in Burt’s claim that she once maxed out his Amex with $45,000 in 90 minutes.

“No, I never had an Amex from Burt,” the legendary actress replied. “I only had my own, so no, that would be completely false.”

She also dished on working with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980’s “The Jayne Mansfield Story,” where she played the legendary bombshell and he played her husband, bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay.

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“You know, Arnold had never acted before, so he really went for realism,” she said when Andy brought up the rumor that Arnold kept kissing her after the director stopped the scene. “It was a pretty amazing kiss. I think I called cut. It was getting pretty intimate. But he’s a good kisser.”

And as for the one role she was most disappointed to lose, Loni confessed it was the lead in the 1981 romantic comedy “All Night Long.” Barbra Streisand would go on to play the part opposite Gene Hackman.

“I was tested and it was right down to the wire and I thought I was going to get in and then Barbra decided that she wanted to do it and needless to say…” Loni recalled.

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