Malta family holiday warning as 12-17 year old Brits must now be vaccinated

CHILDREN aged 12 and over travelling to Malta must now be double vaccinated. 

The news will come as a blow to many British families as under 18’s have not yet been vaccinated in the UK. 

The island nation has updated its travel advice in light of the decision by the UK government to add Malta to its green list. 

From Wednesday, people travelling from England will no longer have to self-isolate on their return from the country and can take one less PCR test on day 8 after entering England. 

As a result, Malta has seen a surge in holiday bookings from Brits desperate for some summer sun. 

Children aged 5 to 11 travelling to Malta must provide proof of a negative PCR test, taken up to 72 hours before arrival in the country. 

Children under the age of 5 do not need to take a Covid test. 

From July 1, Maltese officials will accept both the UK 2-dose vaccine certificate and the EU digital Covid vaccine certificate. 

Visit Malta said: "Children aged 5-11 can travel if they accompany their vaccinated parents/ legal guardian provided they provide a negative nasopharyngeal PCR test carried out within 72 hours before arrival in Malta.

"Children under 5 do not need a test, while those aged 12+ can only travel with a full vaccination certificate."

Elsewhere on the green list, Brits heading on holiday to the Balearic Islands will need to be fully vaccinated or have a negative Covid test, under new rules being enforced later this week across the whole of Spain.

Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca were added to the UK's green list just last week which means Brits don't have to isolate when returning to Britain.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez confirmed today that any Brits entering the country will be like the "rest of European citizens" which requires a negative Covid test or to be fully vaccinated, according to local media.

It is expected to be applied to both mainland Spain and the islands within the next 72 hours, to allow time for tour operators offering holidays to the country.

Spain was also one of the few to allow UK travellers to enter without restrictions, with Brits with just one jab allowed in without having to quarantine.

Other countries are enforcing new rules on Brits too, due to the threat of the Delta variant.

Portugal has carried out its threat to make Brits who travel to Portugal self-isolate for 14 days from today unless they can show they are fully vaccinated.

The new rules were announced yesterday and came into effect nearly three weeks after the UK’s decision to kick the country off its green list which led to thousands of people cutting short their holidays so they could beat a new quarantine deadline.

Anyone travelling to Portugal from the UK by land, sea or air will have to show they have received their second jab at least a fortnight earlier or self-isolate. The new rules will last until at least July 11.

Britain joins the likes of South Africa, Brasil, India and Nepal, who were already on Portugal’s quarantine list of countries.

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