Mark Your Cal: The Super Pink Full Moon in Libra Is Coming, and It's A Lot

The Super Pink Full Moon in Libra shines its bright glow on April 7, bringing partnerships to the forefront of our hearts. A Supermoon occurs when the Moon reaches a close proximity to the Earth, making the Moon appear bigger and our emotions feel more tender. (FYI, this Moon is the second in 2020’s ~Supermoon trilogy~.) As with all Full Moons, we’ll be drawn to understand relationships on a deeper level while Moon casts its light on personal truths.

At this moment, the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky, allowing us to uncover details we may have skipped over in the past. Many people consider Full Moons to be a time for breakups and endings, but mostly, they allow us to see things differently—which can inspire change. A Full Moon is a time to make peace with a frenemy, become closer to your boo, or call your mom.

This particular luminary asks us to look at the dichotomy between the Aries Sun and the Libra Moon. The Supermoon will ignite a tug of war between the self (Aries) and the other (Libra). We will be forced to find compromise and clarity in relationships, with little drama, and reconcile the past. We all may have mini meltdowns—after all, the cosmic energy is intense, and there’s a lot going on in the world rn. Remember, it’s okay to feel your feels. Choose love, not war! Don’t argue with others for the sake of arguing. Use the energy to create your passions and to get your flirt on—not to cause dramz with others.

Here’s what that means for you:


What about love? Yes, the time has finally come for you to seal the deal with your boo—even if you’re not physically together right now. Send them a flirty voice memo or plan a breakfast for two—then, set aside a time to talk.


You’ve been neglecting your needs while focusing on others, and you’re starting to feel drained. Instead of having a meltdown (which we 100 percent get), add some much needed self-care time into your routine.


A love affair will be put on ice for a hot minute. You have other issues to deal with besides choosing the right flirty emoji. But don’t stress about losing them forevs! You never broke up—you just needed time to take care of some sh*t.


It’s always a hard day’s night for you, Cancer, and today is no different. All the more reason to decompress with an episode of Tiger King and a glass of wine. Add a hot bubble bath to melt away your stresses.


You’ve missed out on important paperwork that needs to get done—like your taxes. Instead of procrastinating, get working. When you’re done, reward yourself with takeout or your fav cocktail.


You’re stressing about money right now. Right now is a good time to start strategizing about ways to increase your income. Think outside the box, while embracing your passions. Maybe a craft store on Etsy or a Patreon for a virtual yoga class, led by you?


Today is all about YOU! So don’t be afraid to be a lil extra. Go ahead and post some thirst traps, suggest You even have cosmic permission to be a little demanding with your boo or sinfully flirty with your hot new Tinder crush.


The collective emotions of the world can be overwhelming, especially during moments like these. Don’t feel bad for logging off or rescheduling that Zoom call with your crew so you can have some time to collect your feels. Let yourself relax and decompress.


A friend needs your help—maybe you can set up a GoFundMe for them or promote their cause on social media. Helping out a bestie will make you smile, and they’ll appreciate your support.


You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders rn. Although you want to give your time and energy to causes that matter, make sure not to neglect your own needs. Try to find a balance—we need your help, but not if you’re emotionally drained.


Dreaming of the ultimate getaway? Well, instead of banging your head against your laptop screen, go on a global trip from home. Make yourself a Mai Tai and watch a doc about the beaches of Hawaii or take a Google Earth tour of Morocco without leaving your couch.


Now’s the moment to reach out to a friend you’ve been fighting with and make amends. You’ll both be less concerned with who’s wrong v. who’s right, and you’ll be able to restore your friendship.

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