McDonald’s Monopoly 2020 return date confirmed – this is what to expect

McDonald’s Monopoly game is returning for 2020 – and we’re excited.

The game allows fast food lovers to collect tiles, just like a Monopoly board, in a bid to try to win prizes.

And with millions of prizes up for grabs, it’s an exciting time for fans of the chain.

All diners have to do is peel back stickers that are attached to boxes, cups and chip trays.

Many of them offer instant wins, while some give you codes you can use online.

Fans of McDonald's usually get very competitive during the promotion, trying to sweep up as many tiles as they can.

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Here is what you can expect from the McDonald’s 2020 promotion.

When does McDonald’s Monopoly 2020 return?

McDonald’s has confirmed the Monopoly game will return on March 25, 2020.

The fast food chain tweeted: “You know what’s coming. And this year it’s going to be even more special. Watch this space #McDonaldsVIP”.

The tweet was accompanied by the characteristic moustache of the Monopoly man, with he date March 25.

McDonald’s hasn’t revealed how long it will run for.

However, the McDonald’s game usually lasts for 41 days, which is what it did in 2019, 2018 and 2017.

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If McDonald’s did the same in 2020 it would take us to May 5.

What will the McDonald’s Monopoly prizes be?

McDonald’s hasn’t yet confirmed which prizes it will be handing out come March 25.

However, with millions of prizes to choose from, they generally range form free food, to cash prizes, cars and holidays.

There will be plenty of free chips and cheeseburgers, but last year there were some amazing prizes.

Prizes included Mini Coopers, holidays, PS4 games consoles, £50 vouchers at and many free medium McDonald’s Meals.

If you found the elusive Park Lane and Mayfair you could win a massive £100,000.

However, Maccies cut the number of big prizes in 2019, making it even harder to win.

With McDonald’s promising for the promotion to be even more special this year, it remains to be seen what happens.

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