Model who spent £38k on boob jobs says extremely large implants ruined life

A model has opened up about the horrifying effects of breast augmentation on her body after her implants poisoned her.

Karmen Karma, 30, from Los Angeles, US, has spent an enormous £38,000 on boob jobs over the years.

The model, who also works as a porn star, first had the surgery in 2014 to take her from a 34B to a 34F, but soon felt pressure to “look a certain way”.

Karmen explained: “I felt a lot of pressure to look a certain way while performing scenes in the adult industry.

“I felt that if I wanted to get booked for scenes and to be successful I had to have bigger breasts.”

So, in 2018, Karmen had her implants increased from 300cc to 800cc – more than doubling their size.

Sadly, unlike her first boob job, the OnlyFans model’s second surgery almost ended in tragedy.

Karmen said: “As soon as I sized up to an extremely large silicone implant I started experiencing sickness. Almost straight away I didn’t feel right.

“I had migraines every single day and my fatigue was so extreme that I couldn't get out of bed.

“I would have to take at least three naps a day – I felt so ill I thought I was dying.”

At the time, the adult star was living with her husband and two-year-old daughter, but felt the aftereffects of surgery had a profound affect on her life.

She said: “It got so bad that I had trouble taking care of my toddler because I needed so much sleep.

“I gained weight, I had trouble taking in large breaths of air and I basically couldn’t function as a normal human being.

“I initially got the surgery so I could be more successful in porn but I ended up only being able to shoot two scenes in a whole year.”

Karmen believed the implants were the problem and was desperate to get help.

She said: “I wanted to know if it could be anything other than my implants that was making me sick.

“All of my test results kept coming back normal."

“I even had an in lab sleep study done overnight to see if maybe there was something going on with my sleep that was causing me all of these symptoms.

“When that came back fine too I decided to get off birth control to see if that was the culprit – but nothing helped.

“In the end I was convinced that it was the implants that were making me ill.”

After a year, Karmen had the implants removed and felt better straight away.

Now she wants to warn other women of the possible side effects of breast augmentation.

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Karmen commented: ““I had to have full breast explant surgery combined with a breast lift, immediately afterwards, due to the implants being so large.

“As soon as they were gone, I instantly felt better.

“I could breathe easier, my migraines went away and I no longer needed naps during the day and felt the healthiest I had felt in a long long time.

“It was only then that I realised just how much my implants were poisoning my body.

“For the year after that operation having fake breasts ruined my life.”

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