Model who wants ‘world’s fattest vagina’ shares snap of herself without fillers

A model has completely transformed her appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

The 24-year-old Canadian, who calls herself Mary Magdalene, has used 3000cc expanders to give herself XL cleavage.

She’s also on a mission to get the “world’s fattest vagina” so has been getting injections “down there”.

But the most noticeable change to her appearance has to be in her face.

Mary regularly gets lip fillers so she can achieve a “blow up doll” look.

On Instagram, she admitted she wants “an open mouth that never closes” and a lips that are so big they touch the tip of her nose.

To highlight just how much she’s pumped up her pout, she posted before and after snaps on Instagram.

After getting more filler done today, she posted: “My lips have come a long way.”

In the first image, Mary’s lips are a natural size and shape.

But after her jabs, they’re hugely pumped up and coated in glossy pink lipstick.

Another noticeable change is all the tattoos Mary has on her neck.

In total, Mary has spent £85,000 on her surgery transformation.

She seems to have no regrets about how she’s changed her appearance over the years.

The plastic surgery fan told Dazed: “Surgery has turned into my brand.

“Everyone knows me for my plastic surgery, I just go with it and it has become a lifestyle and a hobby for me.

“I like the excitement it gives me, the before, after and during.

“Designing your body parts and seeing the outcomes is fun.”

Want to read more about Mary?

The Instagram star recently got a boob job and promised to share the uncensored results with her fans.

She also said vagina surgery has helped to improve her sex life.

And back in 2018, Mary described her old look as "basic".

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