More than 1000 mini-cab offices have been forced to close since the rise of Uber

More than 1,000 minicab offices have closed in the past five years, many due to the soaring success of Uber.

The growth of the US cab hailing app has piled pressure on smaller operators.

Analysis for the Mirror by experts the Local Data Company revealed 1,009 closed.

In the past five years, 748 minicab HQs opened, leading to a net loss of 261.

Department for Transport figures show the number of licensed minicab drivers in England has risen by 1.6% to just under 227,000 in the past year. Donna Short, of the National Private Hire and Taxi Association said: “A lot of smaller companies have amalgamated or closed. But one reason why driver numbers have gone up is they are with the app-based firms, such as Uber.”

Donna warned that the rise of Uber and similar firms had led to “saturation of the marketplace” in some areas. The LDC found there were just under 3,000 left.

But the NPHTA claims the figure is between 7,000 and 9,000.

More than 80% of taxi or minicab drivers are self-employed.

Uber is currently appealing against a decision by Transport for London last November to remove its operating licence because of safety fears.

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