Mother-daughter duo reveal they watch each other's SEX TAPES

Watch with mother! Mom, 44, and daughter, 26, are so close they view each other’s SEX TAPES to swap tips on positions and lingerie

  • Karla, 44, and Rykia, 26, a mother and daughter from Alabama appeared on sMothered, which looks at the dynamics of different relationships on Discovery+
  • They admitted to watching each other’s sex tapes and giving each other tips
  • Said it helped them improve their sex lives but admitted partners weren’t happy 

A mother and daughter have revealed that they decided to watch each other’s sex tapes to share tips on how to spice up each of their romantic lives. 

Karla, 44, and her daughter Rykia, 26, from Alabama, are featured in the new season of sMothered, which looks at the dynamics of different mother/daughter relationships on Discovery+.

Speaking candidly on the show, Karla and her daughter explain that they made the unconventional decision to review each other’s sex tapes so they could discuss how to improve each others’ performance in the bedroom.

They discussed different sexual positions they could try with their respective partners, and the outfits that would best please them – but admit that their other halves haven’t always appeciated their close relationship.  

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Karla, 44, and Rykia, 26, mother and daughter from Alabama, say they share everything, including sex tips and bikini waxes. They appear on the new season of sMothered on Discovery+

Rykia, pictured right, said her former boyfriends had not taken kindly to her mother Karla, left, watching their sex tapes, saying the pair were ‘sick’

The pair say they have been inseparable since Rykia’s father passed away in a car accident when she was seven and Karla stepped up as a single parent.

While Rykia admitted former boyfriends had not been thrilled at the idea that Karla was watching their most intimate moments, the pair said they still didn’t understand why people branded their relationship ‘bizarre’. 

‘I showed her [Rykia] my first sex tape about two years ago,’ Karla revealed in the show, with her daughter saying she then showed her mom her own video a year later. 

Rykia explained: ‘I was like, “Hey, I want to spice things up, I bought this outfit, what kind of positions do you think I should do or what do you think we should do?”‘.

‘She was just like, “oh girl, prop your leg up at this angle, maybe your back should have been a little bit more arched in this position”‘, she added.  

In the show, Rykia is seen giving her daughter Karla a bikini wax sans underwear

A motherly wax! There is no boundaries between Karla and Rykia. The pair, pictured, have been close since Rykia’s father passed away when she was just seven 

Rykia admitted that watching the tapes with her mother had terrified previous partners and left family members cringeing. 

‘Yes, I had one significant other in the past that knew I shared the video with my mum and he was like “you guys are sick!”,’ she said. 

On top of perusing each other’s sex exploits, Karla and Rykia also regularly give each other waxes, including their bikini lines.  

The mother-duo don’t understand why their special bond causes such strong reactions and negative comments from friends and family. 

‘I don’t see why they feel that our relationship is bizarre or weird. It shocks people if we share the things that we do,’ Karla said. 

‘I think when people don’t know everything about a relationship, they will judge the little bit that they see,’ she added.

The duo often twerk together, pictured, They admitted friends and family had told them they were ‘too close’ in the past

A strong bond! The pair maintain that the maternal relationship is so strong, they’re like best friends

The pair twerk, watch movies and spend most of their time together, with Rykia saying her mother is the most important person if her life.

‘Our relationship is a great balance of mum and best friend, so no, don’t question me about my relationship with my daughter – we got this over here!’  

‘I couldn’t imagine my life without my mum being in it, it would ruin me,’ Rykia said. 

Discussing the loss of her husband, Karla said: ‘I just didn’t know what to do, a part of me was gone. It made us grow closer because she needed her dad, and I was the only one there. I had to fill in the gap.’

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