Mum shares 'hack' to make dead plants look alive again

Some people have green fingers, and can turn their homes and gardens into tropical paradises without much though.

Some people, however, do not. These people might want to check out this ‘hack’, shared by a woman on Facebook.

38-year-old Gail Woollaston had purchased some potted bushes for outside, but despite her best efforts they kept turning brown.

Posting on Facebook, she wrote: ‘I thought my garden was looking a bit untidy so I decided to come up with my own solution and I think it worked!

‘I paid a lot of money for the plants and I didn’t want to get rid of them – I had tried everything to bring them back to life but it wasn’t working.’

Gail, from Birmingham, decided on a solution involving a can of spray paint and some ingenuity, spraying the leaves until they looked like new.

Speaking to The Sun, Gail said: ‘The first time I tried it, I got the wrong paint so the plant looked too bright and fake but then I mixed two different colours together, and it turned out perfectly. 

‘My friends have said that they wouldn’t have known any different!’

The mum-of-two has no plans to keep up with any gardening turmoil, instead choosing to spray any further plants that die.

Needless to say, this isn’t officially a hack. If you spray any slightly wilting but not quite dead plants they will, invariably, die.

Although, if you’re certain that a plant is beyond saving and you want the garden to look less like a foliage graveyard, this could be an option of sorts.

Make sure to use outdoor spray paint which will be waterproof, and keep sprayed plants away from animals or children.

It’s not clear how long you’ll have been spraying and a total leaf drop (after all, it’s hard to photosynthesise under all that paint) but if you’ve got nothing to lose, it’s a cost-effective way to brighten up your patio.

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