Murder Suspect Flees 12th-Floor Oklahoma Jail Cell Via Rope Made From Bedsheets

Two inmates fled from a cell on the 12th floor of the Oklahoma County Jail in Oklahoma City on Friday morning via a rope they’d tied together from bedsheets.

Pablo Daniel Robledo, who faces a first-degree murder charge over an alleged gang shooting, went on the run for several hours after successfully shimmying down the makeshift escape route, reported The Oklahoman.

Robledo, 34, whose trial is reportedly due to start on Aug. 31, was detained some six miles away on Friday afternoon following a coordinated search effort involving multiple law enforcement agencies. He was taken back to the jail.

Jose Balentin Hernandez, who joined Robledo in the escape attempt, reportedly fell from the rope and broke an ankle.

Hernandez, who is accused of rape, was hospitalized for treatment.




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