My husband marked his territory on our wedding night by peeing on my dress

A bride has shared her disgust after her husband urinated on her bridal gown just hours after they got married.

Posting anonymously to Reddit, the newlywed explained that he deliberately ruined her dress and then said it was “no big deal”.

She wrote: “I still have no idea wtf is going on in his head to think that this was ‘nothing’ or ‘no big deal’.

“He literally peed on my wedding dress the night of our wedding, INSIDE the hotel room.

“I yelled at him WTF constantly and he nonchalantly said that he was just ‘marking his territory’ and went on about how he's been wanting to do this when he gets married and that he didn't tell me because he was positively 100% sure I'd get mad at him but he said it's worth it since he got to do it.

“I couldn't believe it but he assured me that pee washes off easily and I shouldn't worry but I was just so mad and disgusted by what he's done.”

The woman went on to say that hopes of an intimate wedding night were ruined as she refused to even sleep in the same bed as her new husband that night.

The bride said: “He acted like nothing happened and was actually expecting sex but I told him off.

“I just can't get rid of the awful feeling and sight, I couldn't even sleep in the bed with him after that.”

In the comments, Reddit posters were horrified by the husband’s actions and the post went viral with over 34,000 likes.

One commenter said: “The dude started the end of the marriage at the beginning.”

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“Pee on everything he holds dear,” joked another, while a third said: “Go get an annulment.”

Another wrote: “I mean, to know 100% that you'd be angry and doing it anyway… blatant disregard and disrespect on day 1.

“I would find it degrading, and on that special day it would be 10x worse.”

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