My wife promised I could have sex with anyone if I took her to Florida

Back in 2006 my wife made me a promise.

She said if I took her on holiday to Florida and paid off our mortgage, then she’d give me a “free pass” to have sex with any woman of my choice.

Well, bizarrely, I’ve just completed both tasks.

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My uncle died unexpectedly in March and the sale of his bungalow put money in my pocket. We’ve just returned from Miami and now I’m reminding her of that promise. I’ve mentioned a couple of women I fancy at work, plus there’s always the internet.

Suddenly she’s turned very cold. But a deal is a deal, right?

JANE SAYS: Would you honestly feel comfortable having love-free sex with another woman?

It may not feel like it, but 2006 was 16 years ago and a lot has happened since then.

Your wife may have blurted out her silly promise in the heat of the moment, but are you really going to take it seriously now? It’s up to you, but aren’t you in danger of opening up a can of worms?

What about your sexual health and emotional fragility?

All established relationships are a work in progress. Do you really wish to sabotage yours now?

Count your blessings and appreciate the wealth, comfort and love of a good woman you’re enjoying.


My boyfriend pays me no attention. All he does is work, eat and game. I could dance naked in front of him and he wouldn’t turn a hair.

My job is boring and lonely. I long for fun and sex in the evenings, yet he won’t make any kind of effort.

JANE SAYS: Is your boyfriend selfish or depressed? Is he so hooked on computer games?

You have to insist he switches off while you have an important chat. Make it clear that you haven’t given up on him yet, but need balance.

So much needs to change. Is he interested in meeting you halfway or are you and he done?

The ball is now in his court…


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