Neymar Enters the World of PUBG: Battlegrounds in Exclusive Mission Challenge and In-Game Collection

Soccer legend Neymar is coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds in a new update. In the latest content update, the Paris Saint-Germain player will appear across PUBG in collaborative objects such as billboards, building decorations, soccer balls and care packages.

As part of the partnership, Neymar himself helped to design the in-game cosmetic items, which include Neymar player appearance, helmet, backpack, weapon, spray, emote and more, all available now until February. He’ll appear in every map across the game for both PC and console players.

PUBG players will also have access to a special drop event taking place over the next two weeks. They’ll be tasked with completing three recurring daily missions, where points earned can be exchanged for Neymar cosmetic items. When players successfully complete these missions, they’ll also be entered for a chance to win a soccer ball autographed by Neymar. This in-game challenge will be available until December 4.

The Neymar collaboration is available in PUBG: Battlegrounds new 20.2 update.

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