NHS worker’s inspirational Facebook post lists the staggering amount carers do

An NHS worker has put together an inspirational Facebook post that details the staggering amount of jobs that carers in the healthcare system take on every single day.

Shane Longton posted the emotional comment on his social media page , saying how proud he was to work for the NHS , and how much he loves his job.

In it, he lists countless jobs that he's expected to tick off each day, from helping patients to have a shower, to providing emotional support to families and friends who have a relative who needs care.

The post has been shared almost 5,000 times on the social media channel and has clearly struck a chord with other NHS staff members.

In his post, Shane, from Preston, Lancashire, writes: "Here is a list off the top of my head to show on a daily basis what healthcare assistants actually have to do, and that's not even the half of it.


Apply creams.

Brushing hair/teeth.

Changing incontinence pads.

Provide emotional support when patients are sad.

Full body hoists, stand aids, walking with the patients from A to B.

Reassure patients when they're frightened, calming them down when they feel confused or irritated.

Help hand out all their meals and drinks, and assist those who cannot eat for themselves.

Catheter care.

Stoma care.

Turn patients and check their pressure areas every 2, 4 and sometimes every hour.

Remain calm and professional when they're hurling verbal and sometimes physical abuse at you.

Dementia care.

Alzheimers care.

Parkinsons care.

Tend to infectious patients in isolated rooms using special protective equipment.

End of life care.

Supporting families, reassuring them and keeping them informed of everything happening with their relative.

Dealing with complaints and apologising even though the situation is often 99% out of your control.

Acting fast when someone shows symptoms of a stroke, heart attack, fits, & various other conditions.

Drop everything and run to a patient every time they stand up or try to climb out of bed setting off their falls alarm.

Fill paperwork, each patient can have around 10-15 separate lots that have to be filled in 4-5 times a day sometimes more, times that by 24 patients!

Sometimes we have to hold our bladder for hours because we literally don't have time for the toilet.

Take bloods.

Check patients blood sugars x4 times a day.

Check patients blood pressures.

Bladder scan patients.

Weigh patients twice a week.

Make beds, that’s 2 sheets, a blanket, a top sheet and pillow cases for each bed for 24 patients!

Clean commodes.

Squeeze in the time to complete mandatory training.

Working alongside Occupational & physio therapists with rehab for patients. Giving feed back to the therapy teams when patients are doing better or getting worse.

Care for patients with learning difficulties, which requires a lot of awareness, empathy and understanding."

After his lengthy list, Shane adds: "Most days we are understaffed and we carry on and don't complain.

"Our job is hard. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we're reduced to tears.

"We go home to our family and loved ones physically and mentally drained, then we get up and do it all over again.

"We know we deserve so much more, but we still do it anyway. Because we are healthcare workers, and we genuinely do care. Please don't call us unskilled or say, 'you're just a carer'.

"I love my job and I'm proud to say I work for the NHS. Ask yourself, could you do our job?"

Shane received plenty of words of support beneath his post, with one reader commenting: "That's so true, you are the backbone of the health service."

Another added: "Right on brother, it's an amazing job and I feel proud of what we all do, let's keep it up ladies and gentleman."

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